Shari Hudspeth

The Key To A Successful Party

The key to a successful party is high attendance. No matter how awesome your party presentation is, if there are three guests there, chances are you won't have a $500 show, three bookings, and a potential new recruit; when you have 10 guests at your parties, you've got a much better chance of accomplishing these things!

How well you coach your hostess, directly impacts how many guests you'll have in attendance at your party! The average sale per guest in our business is about $50. That means if there are three guests at your party, your sales will likely be about $150. If there are 10 guests in attendance, your sales will probably be around $500. You'll want to set a goal to have 8 to 10 guests in attendance at every party. This is easily attainable with good hostess coaching.

When talking with consultants about effective hostess coaching, one of the most common frustrations I have heard over the years is, "I can't get my hostesses to work with me." They coach them on what to do, they follow up, they are excited when they are talking with their hostesses, and still the hostess often doesn't do her part. In most cases, I find that the consultant is doing almost everything right. But the one piece they are missing is the most important piece: They don't have the hostess's buy-in.

Our hostesses are the key to high attendance at our parties. We count on them to personally invite guests and to follow up a day or two before the show and remind them. But what do you think the hostess says when we coach them to do that? They say "I don't want to be pushy."

These are her friends and family. She doesn't want them to feel like she's taking advantage of them. She may even feel guilty about getting free product as a result of what they spend at her party. So she says, "I'll just send a few emails and we'll see who comes!" This is sure disaster for our party!

So, if we know that's how many hostesses feel, how do we get them to let us coach them on how to have a successful party?

One of the most important goals of hostess coaching should be to get your hostess's buy-in and partnership. She is the key to your success. She is also the key to high attendance!

I'm going to share with you a proven technique to get the hostess's buy-in to full cooperation and partnership with you. I have taught this technique to consultants in many different companies with unbelievable results. It just takes a few minutes and makes a big, big difference!

Here is the script you can use to get your hostess excited and engaged in her party's success:

The first thing you will say to your new hostess in the initial contact is something like this:

You -
Kathy, most of my hostesses have told me that there are three things they want from their party:

· For their friends to have fun

· To not have their friends feel pressured to buy

· To get some free product for themselves

Does that sound about right, Kathy?

Hostess - Yes, that sounds right. Actually, my friends having a good time is even more important to me than the free product.

You - Great! I can make sure all of that happens. I'll just need a little help from you. Kathy, I want you to imagine that it's the night of your party, and there are three guests in your living room. The room is probably kind of quiet, there's not a lot of talking going on, and there's probably not much energy, or laughing going on either.
Now, imagine that it's the night of your party and there are 10 people there in the room. It's noisy and crazy and everyone is laughing, I can hardly get a word in edgewise!

Which group do you think was having more fun?

Hostess - The group of 10!

You - Definitely! And with 10 people in attendance would they feel less pressured to buy than if there were only three?

Hostess - That's probably true.

You - The second group has more fun and you would certainly get more free product!

Now that your hostess sees the bigger picture, they will be more receptive to your coaching. It's a quick exercise that takes just a few minutes but makes a big difference in the end result.

"It's a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it." - W. Somerset Maugham

You are capable of excellence, so go for it!

Preparing for Success

Most of us have recently returned home from conference, or if we were unable to go, have been exposed to the new programs and products and the key messages and training points that were shared there. There is an excitement in the air that comes from that; a new hope for what we can do with our business in the next year.

To make sure we don't lose that excitement and the things we can make happen with that excitement, we need a plan! Too often we get lost in our routine, or we find ourselves in reactive mode dealing with daily duties and issues and we miss the opportunity to do great things. This year can be different.

  1. Write down specific goals for the last quarter of the year for sales, sponsoring, leader promotion and income.
  2. Break those goals into goals for each month.

Keep in mind that when we look at total company sales, September and August are about the same, October is better, November is much better than October, and December is about the same as October. So, for example, if your sales goal for the last quarter is $12,000 you could break down that goal like this:

September - $2000 (4 parties)

October - $2500 (5 parties)

November - $4000 (8 parties)

December - $2500 (5 parties)

Total - $11,000 (The other $1000 would come from online sales or catalog parties.)

  1. Write down why you want to achieve each of these goals and tie as many benefits to them as you can. Why do I want to sell $12,000? Why do I want to recruit eight new people, and so on.
  2. Make a plan to make that happen.

For example:

- Schedule time to create a contact list

- Make a contact list

- Create a script for booking and recruiting contacts

- Post something every couple of days about my business on Facebook. (remember the one to 10 ratio: one business post to every 10 general posts)

- Make contacts for booking and recruiting

- Do a party presentation that is easy, engaging, and has five booking thoughts and five recruiting thoughts sprinkled in.

- Offer the business opportunity to ____people over the next four months. (Multiply the goal by 10. If you want to recruit 10, you need to offer the opportunity to 100 people individually. (That's only six people per week, by the way.)

Our dreams don't just happen; we have to make them happen. Getting clarity and creating a plan is a fantastic place to start!

You are capable of excellence, so go for it!