The cute little edible gift loved by many

What is UNESCO and what is a intangable cultural heritage?

UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It is an organization that was put together in 1945 to promote the exchange of information, ideas and culture. The government pulled out of this organization 1945 because it wasn't certain that it would make a change, however they rejoined in 2003 when they were happy with the new rules and the change it was making.

UNESCO also promotes 'Intangable Cultural Heritages'. An intangiable cultural heritage is something that a particular cultural does that is unique and could possibly die off. UNESCO is the organisation who protects and looks after these particular cultural activities. this then makes these cultures stronger and these unique activities that each culture does will always be able to live on.

What is Licitar?

Licitar is Croatia's Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is a small edible gift made from honey dough, however many people often confuse it with gingerbread. Licitar has its own recipe and it vastly different to what the gingerbread recipe is. They are commonly made into christmas ornaments, or the most popular, Hearts. They can be made bigger, some being made into cakes, which are at time formed into such things like mushrooms and birds.

Example of a finished Licitar

What are they used for and why are they made?

Licitars are made to show affection and love, they are given to people on major holidays, like Valentines day and such occasions like weddings and birthdays. Many are often decorated with a small mirrior in the middle of the heart or the various shape. This is representing the presence of the receiver in the Licitar-giver's heart.


UNESCO has come up with a good idea to protect particular cultural activities. without their help these cultural happenings could potentially die out and the particular cultures could loose meaning of what and who they are. All of these events have strong, meaningfull ideas and without UNESCOs help they would not be able to keep their culture as strong as it is.

Licitar is one of these many unique and meaningfull intangable cultural heritages. It has the elements of friendship, love and family. The croation people will forever be able to carry on this part of their culture thanks to the help of UNESCO :)

Licitar helpers

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