Connecting Like No Other

Criss Cross

Finding Yourself With Connections

In Criss Cross by Lynne Rae Perkins the theme is Finding Yourself with Connections. Connections can be people who share the same interests with you, it can be close friends whom you share your feelings with, or it can be finding a romantic connection with someone you love. The main character Debbie who is 14 and just entered high school is experiencing all of the above. She aslo would like for something good to happen to her and find her own values. "The article she was looking at was about how the most important thing was to be yourself although the pictures that went with it recommended being someone else." (Chapter 1, p. 2) "Like someone you have always known who has suddenly revealed hidden depths. Not deep dark depths. Just depths. Texture." (chapter 31, p. 287)

Criss Cross by Lynne Rae Perkins is full of sensitivity, subtleness, tenderness, and insightfulness.


It is spring in Seldem, Debbie who is 14 is looking forward to her summer vacation, she wishes that something good would happen to her. But In Seldem, very little exciting things happen and to her this summer probably be that same. As school gets closer to the end, Debbie begins to hang out with her normal friends, Hector, Phil, Patty, and Lenny to do rather normal things. Debbie ends up falling for Hector as he does for her too. Why? Well its because of the necklace she was holding when she had wished for something good to happen. That day the necklace had fallen onto a picture of a teen couple in a magazine and led to Hector and Debbie!

Lynne Rae Perkins

In 2006, Lynne Rae Perkins was awarded the Newberry medal for her book Criss Cross. Criss Cross was published in September 2005. Being an artist and a writer, She has published several other picture and non picture books. Lynne Rae Perkins was born in 1956 in Pennsylvania and is currently living in northern Michigan with her family.