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Principal's Weekly News, December 7th

Keeping you informed of all the "tracks" we make at school and in our community!

JSE Monthly Attributes

Characteristic of a Successful Learner (CSL): Maintain Focus

Bucket-Filling Trait: Giving

Important community letter regarding ISTEP+ 14-15 results

The letter was e-mailed home and posted to our website. Thank you for your attention to information regarding our current ISTEP+ position. If you have not had a chance to read the letter, I encourage you to do so. The letter can be found at http://jsimatovich.union.k12.in.us under Latest News on the front page.

It's a Marvelous Monday at JSE!

The joy of the season is spreading. Students enjoyed cookies and milk on Friday while we all took a little break to foster the sense of belonging in our classrooms through chatting and crafting! Thank you to our kitchen for the festive cookies.

This is the week! Our students have worked very hard to prepare a most wonderful HOLIDAY SHOW for our families. And boy can they sing their hearts out! This week the cast makes final touches to their roles on the big stage and on Wednesday morning we take an all school field trip to WHS to have a final rehearsal. I hope the show brings you as much joy this season as it has us!

This week our students frequent the PTO holiday shop. Thank you to the PTO volunteers for all the time spent creating a memorable experience for our students. We take time in each classroom to talk about the many ways we can give far beyond the gift of material things!

Progress reports were e-mailed home on Thursday of last week. As always, please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for checking teacher newsletters, homework agendas, Thursday Folders and Harmony grades. Your involvement shines with your child's academic progress in the classroom!

Looking forward to seeing you all Wednesday evening for the show and hopefully before or after for Ben's Pretzels and Culver's. Thank you for all your support with our music program. This will be another wonderful memory created at JSE! Please read below the last minute reminders from Mrs. Alonzo.

Leigh Barnes


Reminders before our JSE Holiday debut:

Music Show Information for this Wednesday's Show

Our music show week has finally arrived! Here is some reminders:

1. Students should arrive by 6:30p.m. on Wednesday, December 9, at the Wheeler High School Auditorium. Grades K,1,2,and 3 will report to the WHS band room and grades 4 & 5 will report the the WHS choir room. These doors will open at 6:30p.m. so that all students may put on their costumes at this time.

Please note: We would like K and 1 parents to keep their children's coats. We will bring K and 1 up on the stage at the end of the show for you to reunite with them.

Students in grades 2 through 5 will meet for parent pick-up in the band and choir room. Please only send one parent to the doors to pick them up. Thank you!

2. Costume reminders: All students should wear gym shoes. The elf shoes were designed to fit over gym shoes only. Grades K through 3 will be given extra large t-shirts, hats, and shoes. They should wear a cool shirt to the show that night along with black pants/leggins or jeans. It does get warm on stage.

Grades 4 & 5 should wear a shirt that is black, green, red, or white that will be worn with their elf vest. They should also wear black pants/leggiings/or black basket ball shorts and don't forget those gym shoes! All elf clothing will be collected after the show.

3. Celebrate! Ben's Pretzels and Culvers will be in the WHS cafeteria before and after the show from 5:15 to 9:00. Proceeds will fund future music shows here at JSE.

4. Enjoy the show and be proud of your hard working performer! Let's have a fun family evening!


  • PTO Meetings: First Tuesday of every month 6pm, JSE Cafeteria *All are welcome!
  • Holiday Shop for JSE students: Monday, December 7th through Thursday, December 10th. Please call our main office if you have any questions.

Important Dates:

12/9 Winter Music Program at WHS 7pm

12/7-12/10: Holiday Shop PTO

12/21-1/1 School resumes Monday, January 4th

1/21 Report Card

Every Friday is Spirit Day! Wear orange and green!

Archived: From the desk of Mrs. Fields

The winter weather came in white over night! Please let us know if we can help you secure a winter coat, hat, and/or gloves for your child. All students will go out for recess, please ensure they are dressed accordingly. To avoid the lost and found closet, please label your child's gear!

Archived: We are a Safe School

Students and staff participate in monthly safety drills addressing weather events, fires, bus evacuations, intruders and other threats. We teach and practice a uniform classroom response according to each drill with consistent language from the Standard Response Protocol(SRP).

More information on SRP can be found on this website: http://iloveuguys.org/srp.html

and on the Parent Handout.

Posted in each of our classroom is the SRP classroom poster with guidance of evacuation routes and shelter areas.

Communication to families of any emergency is a priority and you can expect information via text and/or e-mail. This is a reminder to sign up for NotifyMe through our district website and make sure we have updated contact information.

Be a part of the UTSC staff!

Employment Opportunities:

Bus Drivers

Substitute Bus Drivers

Substitute Teachers

Applications are available on the district website. Please contact central office for additional information. Thank you for your interest!

You are always welcome at JSE!

Please let us know how we can strengthen our partnership with you!

Leigh Barnes, Principal

Barb Rittel, Secretary

Chris Fields, Home School Advisor

Kathy Maniszko, School Nurse