MLA Workshop

for Citing Newspaper Articles

Pair discussion # 1: Why are teachers bringing you here for this workshop?

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When using MLA you may also hear the terms: Works Cited, Bibliography, Citations, References.

Challenge #1: Why do we use citations?

Citations are

  1. an acknowledgement of where you got your information
  2. a signpost to others to find great resources
  3. evidence of your credibility
  4. all of the above

Pair discussion #2: Who do you want to be?

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Why don't students always do citations? What happens when you take shortcuts or the easy way out?

Challenge #2

Which format will you be using for this class?
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Challenge #3

What information do you need to create a citation for a newspaper article?
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Challenge #4

  • What is the name of the newspaper?
  • What is the name of the article?
  • Where is the date?
  • What is the page number?
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Challenge #5

Look at Source It to find how to:

  • format a page (i.e., margin, header, spacing, font)
  • create an embedded citation (i.e., what information needs to be included)
  • see an example essay (what is the heading on the last page?)

Challenge #6

  • BibMe vs EasyBib -Which one is better? How do they work?
  • Go to Citation Maker. Match the source you would use for each of the following items:
  1. a print newspaper article
  2. a news article from a database
  3. an article from an online newspaper
  4. a YouTube video

Challenge #7

  • Will you be using any pictures in your assignment? What does the circled CC in the photo below mean? What's the best way to find out the answer?

  • What is "common knowledge"?
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