The pyramids are fascinating by the way the Egyptians built them. I've got to say it was where and how they got the stone and how they constructed them that amazed me the most. It is also amazing how they built it without Technology, that is what fascinating about them.

First up, where did they got the stone? They got white limestone from Tura and granite from Aswan. They got the stone to the desert and to the construction zone by a raft on Nile river. They also needed about 2.3 million stone blocks for each pyramid. It also weighed about 6.5 million tons for one pyramid. I don't know about you but that’s a lot.

How did the Egyptians construct a pyramid that large in 2630 BC? They got the stone on the pyramid by using ramps and sledges. The sledges were used to put the stone on, and push it up the ramps. They used copper chisels and stone hammers to make cuts. Cutting the stone with that small of tools would take a long time, I am so glad that I was born in this era.

I can't believe they actually built the pyramids with no technology. Were they got the stone and brought it all the way back to build those pyramids is amazing for the Egyptians in that era.


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