Solar energy

By William McMillan

Renewable Resources

A good thing about renewable resources is that they never run out and we are running out of non renewable resources like oil, coal and gas. Another good thing about renewable resources is that it does not produce green house gases and green house gases cause bad effects on plants, animals and humans.

What is it how, How does it work

What is it. Solar energy gets it's energy from the suns solar radiation which hits solar panels. Solar panels are made out of solar cells and photovoltaic cells. Solar cells capture the suns energy and the amount of energy depends on the wavelengths.

How does it work. Solar energy works by capturing the suns photons or particles when it hits the solar panel. 3 things can happen when they hit the best thing that could happen would be that if enough photons are absorbed it will make a electron a special treatment makes more electrons which makes more electricity.


The advantages of solar energy are, solar cells which are tiny cells in a solar panel last a long time. Also if you have solar if you have solar panels it will save you money in the long. Oil is the #1 way we get our energy which is a green house gas and oil is running out so if we use it will take longer to run out. Solar energy does not produce green house gases so it is good for the environment. Solar energy is a clean source of energy. Also the sun will always keep on coming up.


The disadvantages on solar energy are inefficiency is 40% and solar panels are useless during night. Another disadvantage is that they cost money to install and it takes up too much space for big company's also they have to be cleaned regularly.




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