What to Expect

By: Jade Payne; Hour: 5th

1st Trimester (1-3 months)

In the 1st trimester of pregnancy , the first couple months is the most uncomfortable times for the mother; Her body can give off hormones that can cause morning sickness, She'll crave current foods such as fruits, ice cream and so on... But she has to watch what she eats and drinks because it can have an effect on the baby and she's also not allowed to smoke because that can cause a huge effect on the baby's development.... Her are some things you should know about a baby's development. At 6 weeks the baby is only an inch long and their head is massive. At 8 weeks the baby is known as a fetus.A fetus is an unborn offpring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby more than 8 weeks after conception. After 2 months the yolk sack goes away. The placenta provides nutritutions for the mother and child. After about 9 weeks the nervous system is developed.

2nd Trimester (4-6 months)

At this time for the mother your belly is still growing. The hormones racing through your body can cause you to be clumsy. At this time you can hear the baby's heartbeat. During your pregnance taking care of your teeth and gums is the even more important than not being pregnant. In the 2nd trimester the baby starts to develop kicking and pushing reflexes. they bounce and leap around in the belly. All their organs are formed, and at this time you are least likely to have a miscarriage. At 13 weeks the fetus develops hearing sounds. At this time you can also tell the sex of the child.

3 trimester (7-9 months)

At this time for the mother this is the take it easy month. You're past the effect of sickness. You are feeling better than any time during the pregnancy. You may feel a little weak at times but just knowing that your baby is healthy and strong overcomes the weakness. As for the baby they develop their taste buds. At 25 weeks they grow eyelashes. At 25 weeks they develop the sucking reflex. At 26 weeks they sleep all the time, and their also 10 inches long. At around 36 weeks prepare to go into labor .

How The Father Can Help

This is advice to new and expecting fathers. Being an involved father is a struggle, a struggle against societal conventions and our own insecurities. While it may not be easy, it may be the most important and valuable struggle of your life.