Geography of Me

My Geography

Where I was Born

I was Born In Dupage, Illinois

Ancestors Country of Origin

Locations I Have Traveled

Distribution of My Native Language

The Distribution of My Dialect of My Native Language

Distribution of Religion


Where im interested in traveling

If I could travel anywhere I would travel to Sweden.

Population Pyramid

Glen Ellyn


My race is Hispanic. My race influenced my identity by bringing me close to Hispanic culture and language. I identify as Hispanic because my family is from Chile. Some benefits in being Hispanic is that the Hispanic population is growing in America. Some disadvantages of being Hispanic is racism stereotypes. My race is significant to my identity because I have traits and beliefs that are common within Hispanic culture.


My religion is catholic. I came to believe in my religion because my family has all been catholic. My religion impacts my Non-material cultural values by putting emphasis on fate, and belief


I am male. I was taught being male that I should be involved in sports. Some other activity taught to me being a male is that I should play with action figures and not dolls. I was also taught to like the dirt and not be afraid to get dirty.

Ethnic Heritage

My ethnic heritage is Hispanic. My ethnic heritage has affected my identity because I have more Hispanic beliefs. Some foods that are part of my heritage are empenadas, pastel de choclo, ensalada al la chilena, and lots of seafood. The last name Diaz also comes from my heritage. My ethnic heritage is important to me because it shows how far we have come, and where my family has come from.

Identity material and non material