know about the Jews

How did the camps change the prisoner(s) as a person? A family? And relationships with other human beings

They changed the peoples lives big time, made them see things they didn't ask for, starved them, made their hygiene horrible. Hitler made them drink their own urine out of water they waited in for days and made them watch and know that their loved ones are starving and dying in those horrible conditions. It made them not trust strangers as easily, could've made them a little weary around people they didn't like. That time for those poor people changed their life a lot.

identify 3 themes in the novel

  1. Suffering
  2. Death
  3. Survival

What does this novel reveal about you as a human being

The Holocaust was a very horrible, painful time for everybody especially the Jewish people in the camps. Hitler didn't just put just Jew's in the camps, he put a lot of different religious people in there and not all of them came out. People lost their families and friends during this time and it hurt everybody and it's sad to know that if humanity can do that once, they could do it again if they choose too.