Events-Matty Sets Out for Kira

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez

Matty sets out to find Kira

As Matty sets out to find Kira, Jean stops Matty at the door and wishes him the best of luck. Matty tells Jean that he wanted to say good by to Raymond but was not able to due to him being sick. Raymond was suffering from an disease which could cause an epidemic so he decided not to risk it. This was the same epidemic disease that caused lots of death in Matty's previous Village. The current Village where Matty set out of off was known to be a very clean and disease free Village so Matty decided not to risk spreading it. As Matty walk out of the Village, Jean gives him a kiss which gives him happiness, hope and excitement for his journey.

By Jean stopping Matty from saying good by to his friend Raymond, she in fact helped save the world. If Jean wouldn't had stopped Matty, he would have caught the epidemic and would not have been able to travel. By not having the epidemic disease, he was able to go in his journey and ultimately save the world. Even though Jean was not directly responsible for curing the Earth, she is partially credited with this achievement.