Life science

Degrees and majors

You must have a bachelors degree in pre-veterinary science or animal/life science to become a veterinarian. You will also need to have your pre-veterinary medicine degree. Some classes that you should take in college are animal physiology, biology, calculus, chemistry, microbiology, organic chemistry, physics, probability and statistics, vertebrate anatomy, and zoology. Some classes that you can take in high school are physics, pre calculus, advanced chemistry, and advanced biology.

Schools and Information

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I choose University of Illinois because they have many different fields you can go into. This school is placed in a rural setting/area. University of Illinois is a public school. This school is a university and it is a 4 year college. The school does not have a GPA listed but says you have to have B+ or higher. The teacher to student ratio is 1 teacher for every 17 students.

I also choose University of Illinois because they have a good gymnastics team. The median ATC score is between 24 and 27. The median SAT score is between 1100 and 1339.

Could I see my self doing this job?

Yes I could see myself doing thins as my job. One con is you might have to work on holidays/everyday and you work really long hours. A pro is that you are saving animals lives. Another con is that vets are putting them selfs in danger, they could get kicked, scratched, or bitten.

Is this a Common job?

Being a veterinarian is a common job. Conditions are clean,friendy, and can get loud. A Wisconsin experienced veterinarian gets $125,850, the national experienced workers get $145,230. 1 employer is the Animal Hospital Of Howard. It is located on 635 Cardinal Lane Green Bay Wisconsin, 54313.

Job Explanation

A veternarian is a doctor for animals. They help animals with injuries, illnesses, and more. There are many different fields one called veterinary radiologist. There are also vets that help diagnosis and treatment for animal diseases. There are many different types of veterinarians.

Life science

Veterinarian is part of the branch life science. Life science is dealing with any living organism. Veterinarian fits because an animal is a living organism.

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