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September 20, 2022

The mission of George Bannerman Dealey is to provide an exemplary education that develops and empowers all students to become productive citizens in our global society.

Dealey Dragons,

So many great things are happening at Dealey. We are receiving visits from school leadership and being asked how they can support our Dealey students and community. We are making attendance a priority and challenging grade levels to reach the highest attendance rates! We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage month and honoring the Hispanic influencers in history and in our community. Our staff and DISD maintenance is working overtime to ensure we have a clean, safe, and beautiful campus. Please share your views and thoughts about this school year by filling out the family & community survey. We look forward to your feedback


Cristina Ibarra (Principal)

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Chief Trejo's Visit

We were so honored to welcome Cheif Trejo to Dealey this past week. She had many questions about our Montessori philosophy and wanted to know how to support our instruction and professional development. Thank you, Mr. Kaufmann, for making the connection with Cheif Trejo and inviting her to our campus.

Education Go Get it Week

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Atendance Matters

Every school day counts in a child's academic life... A missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn.

The highest percentage of attendance among the grade levels will have the opportunity to wear jeans with a Dealey or College shirt on Thursday. Congratulations to the 2nd grade for winning first place two weeks in a row. Kindergarten came in first place this week with 99.53% attendance!!!

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Please share your thoughts on our community survey. We would love to hear feedback from as many families as possible.

Thank you PTA

New Shade for Primary

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WOrking Over Time

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Thank you, Ms. Davilla and Ms. Chavez for organizing and continuing the Camp Grady Spruce tradition alive!!!

Mr. Tomlinson, Ms. Russel, Ms. Ventura, & Ms. Gurtowski thank you for caring for our dragons while at camp! You made everlasting memories for our students!

Ms. Powell is working day and night to prepare for this year's first production. So much goes into putting on a show. Many people don't know the countless hours that it takes to make sure everything runs smoothly. We can't wait to see it live and on stage!!!
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Thank you, Ms. Ortiz and Ms. Thomas for working a second shift and helping Mr. Mitchell clean and prepare our campus all last week. They stepped in while Mr. Richardson and Ms. Soto were away.

Safety Audits

TEA and the State of Texas will begin to send people out to all campuses throughout the state to make sure all entrances are secure. Remind students that they may not open doors for ANYONE, even a Dealey employee or family member. Never prop open an exterior door for any reason.

We must keep all students and staff safe at all times. Every parent volunteer must also help us in keeping our campus safe.

Arrival and Dismissal

Please be patient during carpool times. Families must use the far right lane to enter the carpool. Do not skip the line by using the middle lane to enter the carpool.

Do not use Royal Lane as a drop-off or pick-up location. This is very dangerous for our students to use.

Make sure not to park in or car pool lane during dismissal. This will make for a long departure for everyone.

We are trying our best to keep our students safe during dismissal. The parking lot near the large playground will be closed from 3:00 pm-4:00 pm every afternoon. Our students use this area as a holding tank for trail pick up.

Kuddos to DISD Maintenance

DISD Maintenance and Facilities have been working around the clock at Dealey. These are just a few things they have completed over the past couple of weeks. We are so thankful for their hard work and dedication!

  • Mowed the entire greenspace after the heavy rain
  • Repaired the irrigation system on our soccer fields
  • Sprayed pesticides to remove ants on fields and playgrounds
  • Built our new canopy in the primary playground
  • Trimmed the trees in the primary playground
  • Removed old electrical wiring
  • Hung up new curtains in the auditorium
  • Assessed and inspected the pothole in the carpool lane (serviced soon)
  • Mowed down and wiped out our garden area for a makeover
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Dealey Dragons at Work

Love seeing the students use their work plans and organizational skills to complete lessons. Their concentration and attention to detail are phenomenal. Keep flying high Dragons!
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