All about phasmids

yasmine and rayan


Phasmids are insects that have six long legs. Female phasmids grow up to 12cm and the males are smaller. They also look like autumn leaves that are curly and wavy.

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Phasmids live in Queensland in Australia. Some phasmids live on Lord Howe Island. Lots of phasmids live in places that are 22 - 26 to degrees.

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Phasmids eat bramble, oak and apple tree leaves. They also eat eucalyptus leaves. But most of all they have to drink water.

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Phasmids sway when they're relaxing. Phasmids move slowly when you put them on your hands.

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Breeding Habits

When the newborn hatches it looks like a black ant. Females lay about 400 eggs. The eggs can take between 5 months and 3 years to hatch depending on if it's hot or cold.

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