"The Land between the Rivers"


Mesopotamia had technology back then, but its not the same as ours today. Here are some things they invented mud bricks, the wheel, the raft. they also made their own writing. They also had copper, plumbing, writing, and other innovations. They had a impact on modern time by inventing the wheel.


The impact on Mesopotamia. Is they could write letters and they had blacksmith for iron. The impact on modern society time is if they didn't invent the wheel we could not drive, also we wouldn't have brick houses. The achievement is that they got to live in houses.


They had sports, games, and entertainment were apart of everyday life. So kids had things to do. Recreation is sports, hunting, bored games, toys, music dancing, and banquets. Today we have bouncing balls.


The achievement is that when people get sick they have medicine.