Rugby boots

By: Adam Dulske

The history of a rugby boot

The first rugby boot was made in 1845. The first rugby boot ever put on was by an organization called, Rugby College. One of the first rules for a rugby boot is that no player is aloud to wear projecting nails or iron plates on the shoe. The first specialist shoe was fitted with iron bars. The irons bars were made to create stability in all weather that comes their way. Later, they had started to make the boots light weight. There was no health concerns involving the boot back when it was made.

Fact: Rugby College was the first rugby club ever made, and it is still there.

A day in the life of a rugby player

Thomas Dulske had played rugby and he knows what the purpose is for rugby boots. He says, in a game they would use their boots to run around the field and stretch before a game. At the beginning of the game he says that they will use his boot to drop kick the ball in the air. You will use your boot to punt the ball forward. He said one of the most important reasons why you need rugby boot so that you can plant without slipping and falling. You need your boots to kick conversions. If you play hooker, you have to use your boot to kick the ball back to your teammates.

My passion and connection for rugby

Now that my dad, Thomas Dulske is not playing rugby, he is a referee and I help him by being a touch judge which is like a assistant referee. Since there is no rugby team in Spartanburg I go and find teams to play with in tournaments. I have been learning rugby since I was four. Now that I know the sport of rugby, I am starting to teach other people rugby. My favorite type of rugby is, rugby sevens. There will be seven players on each team and they will play for 2 seven minute halfs
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