Peak Experience

Economic Impact

Everest has a very big economic impact on Nepal and their governments here are some of the good economic impacts on Everest. One of them is last year tourism on Everest made Nepal $370 million nearly 3% of Nepal‘s GDP. The base coast height cost $1,000 and increases $500 every 1,640 feet. Just let alone the permit cost $3,350. Because of tourism it has brought trekking agents, tour operators, sirdars (trekking field managers), high altitude climbers, and porters and cooks. This has brought Nepal from one of the poorest countries in the world to one of the wealthiest. Just a little tip research has shown that families that are involved in tourism have a higher education rate. These are just the good economic impacts just wait for the bad economic impacts.

Now for some of the bad economic impacts. One of them is the tourism in Sagarmatha has cased pollution in its national park and deforestation. The more tourism the higher the environmental costs, which makes it harder to keep the parks and its country like it should. Also the avalanches on Everest make it harder to get tourism, because it scares people and the aftermath is not that good either. Those are the bad economic impacts on Everest.

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Holly Angelo

So I’ve now been on the tallest mountain in the world and it felt amazing. I had been climbing with this boy named Sun-jo who is now the youngest person to make it to the top of Everest and the youngest free Tibetan. He was so polite, sweet, and strong. While on the mountain he had gotten sick with this virus that everyone was getting, and he still made it to the top of Everest. His grandfather was with us and he was so nice to me. When I was weak he would take my pack, when I got the virus he took care of me, and Sun-jo did this so that he and his sisters could go back to school. He had to hide in a porter camp to stay away from this mean captain Shrek who wanted to take Sun-jo off the mountain but that never stopped him.

This was one of the best experiences of my life and I bet Sun-jo’s to. When Sun-jo made it to the top he hung a prayer flag to the top that was yellow with a spray painted Blue Mountain on it. Even though I did not make it to the top of the mountain I advise you use Peak Experience.

Holly Angelo

Peak's Biography

Peak Marcello is a 14 year old boy born on June 6. This is the biography on the boy that almost made it to the summit. So, Peak had to go to Tibet with his father because he had gotten in to trouble for climbing a skyscraper in New York and almost arrested if his dad did not save him. In Katmandu he meets Sun-jo and Zopa. Zopa was a retired Sherpa, strong and lean. Sun-jo was Zopa’s grandson and same age as Peak. Peak was a diligent climb and had a passion for it. He went to his dads climbing camp called Peak Experience. He trained hard and never gave up. When he was 10 feet away from the top he decided to turn around and let Sun-jo make it to the top, because if Sun-jo does not make it to the top he could not pay for him and his sisters to go to school. So all in all Peak almost made it and he did a good thing for Sun-jo.
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Climate on Everest

The climate on Everest is usually very cold (below freezing).In January it is the coldest month the summit temperature is about -36c degrees and -33f degrees. July is the warmest temp is about -19c degrees and -2f degrees. The wind speed can reach about 80 km/h (about 50mph). The precipitation falls mainly in monsoon season and less in December to march were it has mostly winter storms, But at the summit of Everest, there are less chances of precipitation, except for the monsoon season. In mid may each year, the jet stream moves north causing the winds the calm and temperatures to warm enough for people to try the summit. This is called the summit window .There is a similar period each fall in November.

Prepping for Everest

Cardiovascular conditioning most people improved by activity sustained for at least 45-60 minutes, 4-5 times per week. Some activities include running, bicycling, swimming, stepping, etc. Correct stretching and warm-up are very important if you want to summit Everest. Strength conditioning is mostly done by lifting weights, and Nautilus machines .Metal Conditioning is when you are physically tired. Only one thing left mental strength. Visualization is an important tool that needs to be trained.

Enteral conditioning for mountaineering: Hike steep outdoor trails with water weight added to your pack. A physical goal for the course should be to ascend 1067 meters carrying 15- 20 kilograms in a 2-3 hour period. Increasing amounts of water in collapsible plastic jugs can be carried to vary the workout and slowly work up to a 22-30 kilograms pack. (Water weight is suggested so that when the climb up is complete the weight can be dumped to save knees on the downhill return). If you are training in a gym you can use a "Step-Mill" machine that is similar to an escalator or even better an elliptical trainer. If not in a gym stairs or small hills also work well. If you train indoors, be sure to work gradually up to training with a heavy pack & boots.

Josh Biography

Josh is a middle aged man who is the father of Peak Marcello. This starts off with peak when peak gets in trouble with the police by him climbing a skyscraper. Josh is coming from Everest to help his son Peak and let’s just say it will be a new experience. Peak and josh fly from New York to Nepal were josh leaves him to go train at mount Everest and get things set up so that peak can be the youngest person to summit Everest . When Zopa ( joshes friend ) gets peak to were josh is josh tells peak about the plan and that he is going .

Josh goes up to ABC when he gets up there the weather is horrible. The next day he came down. Then Holly Angelo came a day later wanting to go to the summit and do a report. Josh wants to try to summit while the Chinese are going with them when Sun jo and Peak, Yogi, Yash and Zopa are on the other side of the mountain. Josh makes it to the summit( but peak did not but sun jo did ) and he sends peak back to New York.