By: Agnes and jenny

What is specific to the kingdom?

Well there are many different types of specific things to the kingdom we are researching about. Although you can ask yourself....Whats makes fungi..... fungi?


Fungi(s) are composed of hyphae; threadlike tubular filaments. A hypha has a rigid wall around it generally made off chitin. The exoskeletens of insects are almost made of chitins to.

Where is fungi found?

Fungi is usually found in damp areas such as rain forest's although you can find fungi about anywhere you look. Fungi can even grow on a person!

What are some examples of Fungi?

Well, Fungi is divided into three types which are Yeasts, Molds, and mushrooms. Yeasts are uncellular fungi, molds are multi-cellular fungi, and Mushroom is the fleshy fungus growing from soil or trees. It typically consists from a stem, cap and gills

Fungi's habitat

Fungi can be found in just about any habitat you care to mention, from sea water through to freshwater, in soil, on plants and animals, on human skin. Most of the fungi you would find in these places however, are very small and would need a microscope or magnifying lenses to see. Woods and meadows are the best places to go hunting for fungi. Of the two, woods are by far the best place to look, as over 80% of fungi are associated with trees.

Fun facts!

  1. Fungi can be helpful in life but also can be deadly.
  2. We inhale fungi everyday
  3. We eat and drink fungi almost daily
  4. Fungi can cause cancer.
  5. Fungi are used in many medicines.


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