Work Place Etiquette

(Should & Should Not) Lissette Bury & Denise Borja

General Dress/ Appearance : (Do's)

  1. Suits are best worn for both mean and women working in a setting like law offices and corporate headquarters. For a business casual dress is more common in office settings which includes pants, khakis, skirts or dresses and long dress shirt.
  2. Go for quality over quantity
  3. Whatever you wear should be clean, pressed, and in good condition
  4. when in doubt , be conservative. in the workplace it's essential to appear professional if you wish to be treated as a professional.
  5. Pay attention to how your boss dresses: successful people tend to look the part.

General Dress/ Appearance : (Don'ts)

  1. Don’t wear jeans or shorts unless you know this will be acceptable.
  2. Don’t wear athletic shoes, sandals, or boots.
  3. If something looks like you could wear it to the bar, you probably shouldn't wear it to work.
  4. You can be more creative with your accessories when dressing in business casual, but don’t be extreme.
  5. Do not wear loud print shirts or T-shirts advertising your favorite.

Speech (Verbal Communication) (Do's)

  1. Be clear and direct . Say what you need to say.
  2. Paraphrase. Talk it out.
  3. Be respectful.
  4. Tailor conversation to audience.
  5. Face- to -face