Garrett Primary

Early Release-Staff Development 1/2 Day-September 24, 2014

Kindergarten Plan

1:00- Meet in cafeteria to watch Texas Department of Family and Protective Services video on Child Abuse and Neglect

1:30- Whole group in Room #113 Forde-Ferrier requirements in Kindergarten CSPS chart and Reading Process Anchor Chart.

1:45-2:45 Break out session-1- Bilingual/ESL -Guided Reading in Room #113

PACK-Reg. in Office/Classroom

2:45-3:45 Break out session-2- PACK-Reg. -Guided Reading Room in #113

Bilingual/ESL in Office/Classroom

Guided Reading in Kindergarten Room #113-

1. We will be using our Istation classroom summary data to make reading groups. We will be putting all the data on a spreadsheet, and we will be building a spreadsheet every month after ISIP results.

2. Once groups are made we will begin setting up our guided reading notebooks. This is going to be mandatory and will be enforced by Mr. James. He will be looking for these during walk thru’s. They need to include, but are not limited to:

  • Checklist or calendar to keep track of GR groups – when they meet with you. This will be like a schedule. It stays somewhere by your table where it can be seen. You also need a copy in your notebook.
  • Guided Reading Lesson Plan – for each group each day to include the skill, book/genre, target vocabulary (2 or 3 words), and question stems (you can use Blooms Taxonomy flip charts or other resources to write your questions)
  • Tab for each child – to include running records, work samples, and other pertinent info like anecdotal records
  • Data – you can include this behind each child’s tab or have a separate section. Includes iStation, WMLS, etc.
  • Resources – extra tab to include information about good planning, guided reading, or whatever you need

3. Watch video of what good guided reading instruction looks like.

Review of Student Folders in office area- Review of Student Folders-As a teacher, you have a special interest in knowing what is in your student’s permanent school record. There is a lot of information that these records offer you. Please come by the office and collect all your students’ folders. These folders can NOT leave the office area so find a place either in the conference room or any other available area and get an overview. Please sign the sign in sheet in front office desk, when you finish looking through your folders. Suggestions-

• Red folder of previous assessments

• Make sure all ELL’s have everything filled out on the LPAC forms ex. Date of entry, HLS, green parent form

• Food allergies

• Court documents-custody issues

Remember all this information is for YOUR eyes ONLY-it is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL!

Sub. Folders-Organizing Information for your substitute. (SUB TUB or SUB FOLDER)

As with any other aspect of teaching you need to have a good game plan for helping your replacement get through the day-providing them with everything from a class roster and filler activities to where to find all the important materials and the daily class schedule and a generic lesson plan. A sub tub or sub folder is a great way to collect all the information in one place. You can look on Pinterest (BLOGS) or on Teacher's Pay Teachers for great ideas! This is going to be mandatory and will be enforced by Mr. James. He will be looking for these during walk thru’s. You have until Friday September 26, 2014 to have this completed.