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Doing Business With The Department of Defense

Once you hear Dod, you think of the major and military Fortune 100 the likes of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, if you're in the slightest degree just like me. I appear to be DoD possibilities and contracts are simply worried about the "large dogs" and for that reason not readily available and me as small company proprietors. The sole solution to squelch that preconception found myself being to dive straight into this department and see the reality. To read more about department of defense go here.

The Department of Defense is America's oldest and largest government agency. Also employs a civilian workforce of thousands, even if this agency is not only in control of the military. The Department of Defense will be the country's largest employer with over 1.4 million active duty military personnel; in excess of 1.1 million National Reserve and Guard forces; and approximately 718,000 civilian employees. DOD employees function in anytime zone on this planet and over 450,000 staff are abroad.

DoD headquarters tend to be the Pentagon and it's the world's largest office building. The department also manages an inventory of several hundred thousand facilities and installations in over 5000 different sites with the aim of keeping America safe. The mission of your department is usually to provide military forces necessary to deter war and protect the protection of our own county.

OK, enough around the background. Let's wind up in the good stuff shall we. What opportunities exist around the Department of Defense for businesses like yours and mine. Unlike a number of the departments, this department did not cause it to readily accessible opportunities. However, with a bit of perseverance, I discovered , a resource page i always have included here that is pure gold. For additional information about department of defense check it out.

The opportunities and resources for the aforementioned page are listed alphabetically; but, if you are a novice to contracting - especially contracting with the Department of Defense - i then recommend beginning with your office of Company Programs (OSBP). The OSBP is in charge of advising the Secretary of Defense on organization matters and it is focused upon helping the participation of small businesses in DoD acquisitions. The OSBP boasts a good "starting out" resource page with guides which cover every facet of using the services of DoD including: subcontracting, facilitating and marketing teaming agreements.

Upon getting learned what you want through the OSBP, head back up to the resource page to uncover opportunities while using the Military; Unified Combatant Commands; the Recovery & Reinvestment Act; as well as chances to subcontract.

You could take into account that the Recovery & Reinvestment Act - more commonly referred to as the "stimulus" package - was signed into law during 2009 as a way to jumpstart the economy. There were no end date written into your Recovery Act. It is exactly what you might not realize. You can find recovery opportunities including food subsistence to real estate everything and leasing in the middle.

Now that We have broken this behemoth of a department down into something sufficiently small to sink your teeth into, I am hoping you are convinced that there could possibly be some opportunities for the business hidden within. The onus is now on you to take a bite. Understand more details visit at