7-12 Social Studies

January Newsletter

21st Century Social Studies

The purpose of this article, written by Ben Reed and Sharon Runge of Region 10 ESC, is to improve instruction in social studies classrooms. This article discusses how to assist students in building a base of information through questions, process skills, engagement, problem solving, and "social" studies. Click the link and scroll to page three to view the article.

Doing the Work of Historians...

Authentic Questioning in Social Studies, by Amy Lynn Mount, discusses diving deeper into questioning strategies that "are higher-order by nature, provoke deep thought, and pique curiosity."
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Essential Questions

Chapter 1. What Makes a Question Essential? by Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins

Take a moment to digest the meaning of essential questions and how we can use them more effectively with students. Examine the differences between questions that hook, lead, and guide students to answers versus asking students to answer an essential question. Are we asking students to answer questions that are considered to be timeless, foundational, and vital to student understanding?

Professional Development Opportunities

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