French Revolution

Important events

The Assembly Reforms France

People were ending the estates and having everyone equal. Three weeks later the National Assembly had new revolutionary ideas, to have a Declaration of Rights. (influenced by Americas Declaration of Independence.) The reform focused on the church and took over their land and their political independence. As the national assembly obstructed the relationship between church and state, Louis XVI pondered his fate in the monarchy, so he tried to escape form France. He escaped with his family.

Divisions Develop

For two years the National Assembly argued over the new Constitution of France. They finally agreed on one. It consisted of a limited constitutional monarchy. They also stripped the King of most of his authority. They called it a Legislative Assembly. They limited the monarchy and divided power. They new the common from the upperclass from with the sans-culottes.
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War and Execution

All the changes that were happening in Franc alarmed the Monarchs and Nobles. The third estate started to revolt and get mad because they were having to pay taxes to the first and second party. over 1000 people that were taken as prisoners were murdered for revolting. (during this period, they started using the Guillotine a lot more.

The Terror

The Reign of Terror was when Maximilien Robespierre was in power. After Louis XVI was executed, the peasants and other people were so surprised. Robespierre gained so much power, he changed many rules. He changed the calendar, divided the years in two 12 months of 30 days, he also took away sundays because the were considered religious and the was supposably "old-fashioned and dangerous". He became known as a dictator of france and when he was in power they called it the Reign of Terror. In the time of the terror Robespierre put many to death among them the famous were, George Dalton and Marie Antoinette.

End of the Terror

In 1794 fearing their own safety, some of the people in the National Convention turned on Robespierre, wanting him arrested and executed. After Robespierre was killed, France changed dramatically. People were so weary of the high taxes and the prices of things that the government put the leading in the hands of the upper class. 5 different men were in charge of the Legislative branch. Through all that they put their troubled country in a period of order. Finally they gave order to one man, Napoleon Bonaparte.