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Congratulations, Isabella!


Your displays are really looking great. Thank you for making sure everything is up and ready by Friday. Please understand---we are a team. EVERYONE plays a part and a role in making things happen in our school. The expectation is every grade , every department and EVERY staff member plays a role in this and all responsibilities. Expecting one person to pull all the weight for your department is unacceptable on all levels.

If anyone feels uncomfortable with any task you are asked to do, please come and see me directly. Many policies and guidelines have changed regarding testing and weather make up days-- to name a few. Please don’t kill the messenger or the enforcer of the policies. Let me help you seek to understand these changes.

Our International Committee and specialists have planned an amazing day for us on Friday. Please refer to the updates from this committee regarding the details of the day. Thank you to all the members of this committee.

Our students are making progress and we could not be prouder! So many of our students made incredible, chart-breaking growth. We will celebrate those students who are really going above and beyond---stay tuned.

We will have professors and graduate students from the NCSU department of Educational Leadership visit us on Tuesday from 9:00-12:30. Please click here to view the walk through template they will use as they visit your classrooms. The walkthroughs will occur from 10:00-11:00. Cottages and the Palace will also be visited. Please have your students assist with cleaning up and organizing your classrooms. The focus is on culture and student achievement.

The next two weeks are extremely demanding for me. I am at a Conference tomorrow, a District Strategic Planning meeting on Friday morning, and a MTSS Meeting with our Combs team on Monday. I am presenting at a Covey Symposium next Wednesday, a meeting at SAS on Thursday and back to normal on Friday. Please email, call or let Susan know if you need me for anything at all. I will be in Raleigh all but one of these days.

It’s a GIRL! And, Lisa Ray is going to be a grandmother. We are so happy for Lisa’s family!

We will have several night events in the coming weeks. As you know, the expectation is that everyone on your team shares in this expectation. One or two people on your team should not be the ones who attend all the night meetings. We all have after school obligations and responsibilities.

Please discuss the time that your grade level would like to hold Celebrate Success and email Jason the time. We will confirm that your suggested time will work. We are asking that grade levels do this to prevent too much overlap and to keep Celebrate Success separate from dismissal.

Take a few minutes to sync your mCLASS data so that we can see the most accurate results.

Do Achieve3000, earn pizza!

Upcoming Events


January 26

  • Report Cards sent home

January 27

  • Case 21 - 2nd Grade Reading
  • CogAt Testing
  • Cultural Arts Assembly

January 28

  • Case 21 - 2nd Grade Math
  • Case 21 - 5th Grade Science
  • CogAt Testing
  • Clubs

January 29

  • CogAt Testing
  • Hallway Displays Due
  • International Day
  • Coaching Training
  • mCLASS Window Closes


February 1

  • MTSS Training

February 2

  • NELA Visit
  • BT Meeting

February 3

  • IOWA Testing

February 4

  • IOWA Testing
  • Superhero Snack @ 9:00 (K-5)

February 5

  • First Grade Field Trip (Science Museum)
  • Celebrate Success
  • IRT Meeting

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