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Volume 3

Did You Know? Screen Capture

Have you ever wanted a quick way to copy a portion or all of the content seen on your monitor? Well, there are keyboard shortcuts for the Mac and Windows units that can help you accomplish this task. Whether you want a picture file stored on your computer or just a copy of the selection you want for pasting in your program of choice, you can be well on your way to working with ease.

In this video, Mr. Dial will show you how to do that with a Mac, and then offer tips for Window users toward the end. Websites referenced in this video are posted below.

Screen Capture with Macs

Cool Tools- instaGrok

Getting ready to start your end of the year research projects? Instead of getting your Google on, why not instaGrok it? What is instaGrok, you ask? Check out this brief video and then continue reading for more info!

Instagrok Commercial

instaGrok is an educational research tool that shows results in a concept map and encourages students to dig deeper into their topic. It also allows students to customize their results by adding information and deleting items that don't fit their needs. You can also choose the difficulty level of the results you see. Students can pin videos, pictures, web links, and other information to their Grok. They can then share their results through email.

By creating a free account, users can access the Journal feature. This allows Groks to be saved and edited at a later time. instaGrok also keeps a bibliography list of all the sources pinned for reference. If you choose to do this, be sure to have students sign up for a General account. If they select Student, they will be asked to provide a class code which can only be done with the paid teacher account.

instaGrok offers additional abilities to teachers who opt for a paid account ($45 per year up to 200 students). These users can set up multiple classrooms, create assignments, and view students' search histories and journals. They offer a 30 day free trial which would almost take you to the end of this school year so you can decide if it is something you might be interested in using next year.

instaGrok works on both computers and iPads. There is a free iPad app to make the interface a little smoother, but it doesn't seem to be necessary. All you need to do is go to www.instagrok.com. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are recommended browsers for this tool.

Extra Credit: First person to email a Geek with the origin and meaning of the word grok wins a prize! (Maybe use your handy, dandy Spotlight tool?)

App Spotlight- Tellagami

Tellagami is an app that lets you create a quick animated video called a Gami in just a few easy steps.
  • Students begin by selecting an avatar. You can customize your avatar's looks and emotions to fit your purpose.
  • Next choose a background. You can select one from their library, take a picture on your device, or use one that has been saved to your camera roll from the internet. You also have the ability to draw on the background to customize your Gami even more.
  • Now it's time to add your message. You can do this by typing in text and choosing a prerecorded voice or simply record your own.
  • Your Gami can now be saved to your iPad's camera roll or shared through email.

Check out the video below for a quick tutorial.

Tellagami App teacher tutorial

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