CFHS Scholarship Newsletter

Please check out the many scholarships available!

The Cedar Falls Schools Foundation Scholarships

The Cedar Falls Schools Foundation (CFSF) encourages all CFHS seniors pursuing higher education to submit an application. Over $30,000 in scholarships will be awarded this year to Cedar Falls graduates.
By completing this single application, you will be matched to all scholarships you are eligible for from the funds we manage. Some scholarships support students with financial need. Others are merit-based, recognizing students’ academic, extra-curricular, and community-based achievements. In addition, there are scholarships that are designed to support certain fields of study, demographics, and specific institutions. Scholarships may be one-time awards or annually renewed.
The application deadline is March 15, 2022. Applications will be reviewed by a scholarship selection committee and will be awarded at the Honors Convocation Ceremony in May.

Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa Scholarships

The Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa is excited to announce that the 2022 scholarship season is now open. This spring we will award over a half-million dollars ($500,000!) to over 250 students throughout Iowa, some specific to CFHS students. Please check the link below.

The deadline to submit the application is 8:00 pm on Wednesday, March 9.

FAFSA Information and Support

If you still need help completing your FAFSA, please check out how to make a virtual or in-person appointment. We can also help in the CFHS Counseling Office.

Cedar Falls Utilities Scholarship

Hello, Cedar Falls High School students! You have some fantastic career options in the energy industry! Please watch this brief, yet instructive video about energy-related jobs and resources. You won't want to miss out on job shadows and easy scholarship opportunities mentioned in the video!

Last Dollar Scholarship-College for FREE!!

Iowa Community Colleges offer the Last Dollar Scholarship for high-demand careers in our state. Please check out this information about what community colleges offer programs that are FREE to students who apply and fill out the FAFSA.

We're excited that the 2022-23 financial aid application process is well underway and want to draw your attention to one of the state's newest and most popular financial aid programs, the Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship.

The Last-Dollar Scholarship saw more growth than any other state aid program in the last year. We encourage you to share the following message with seniors (and juniors who are planning ahead) at your school who may be interested in pursuing training and a career in one of Iowa's fast-growing, high-demand professions.

Do you plan to earn a certificate, diploma, or associate's degree to work in one of Iowa's high-demand jobs after completing high school? The Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship may cover your tuition. If all other available state and federal financial aid falls short of paying for your tuition, the Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship is there to fill the gap.

To apply for the Last-Dollar Scholarship for the 2022-23 academic year, you have to enroll full-time in an eligible program of study and complete the FAFSA. The FAFSA deadline for the 2022-23 academic year has not yet been set; complete the FAFSA ASAP to qualify! Details can be found here:

Eligible High Demand Hawkeye Community College Programs

Proposed 2022–2023 Programs

Pre-programs are not eligible for the Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship.

Additional programs may be added to this list at a later date. The eligible programs list is based on job demand and is subject to change year to year. Students in programs removed from this list who previously received Last-Dollar Scholarship funds for that program will still be eligible for the Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship until they complete their credentials or leave the college, as long as they continue to meet all other eligibility criteria.

Scholarship Presentation

Please check out this presentation on where to find scholarships on the Cedar Falls HS Counseling Department website. Our Americorps volunteers, Josh, Anisia, and Paige share tips and specific scholarships that you can complete. The Cedar Falls Community Schools Foundation Scholarships and the Community Foundation of NE Iowa Scholarships will be open soon.
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