Andrea's Birthday Party

By: Isabella Bastin And Sandra Hess

Cat Cake

Andrea's theme was cat's but we could not find her cake! All of Andrea's friends where there like Noah, Sandra, Isabella, Hector, Bella, and Addsion. We all ate the cake! The cake was flavored...OREO AND ICECREAM!

At ben and ari's!!

What did we all do you ask? Well first we played GAME'S, next we ate PIZZA, then we played MORE GAMES, after that we ate CAKE that had animal printed candles, and last Andrea opened her prestints!


Last we did bowling! We were split into 2 team's, team one was Andrea, Hector, and Bella. Team two was Isabella, Noah, and Sandra. So we played 1 practice 2 real in the first person to win on both team's was Sandra, and Hector. Round 2 Noah, and Bella. It was FUN!!!!!