Fifth Grade Newsletter

May 28, 2020

We did it!!

A celebration...

A time for looking back on lessons learned, adventures shared, bright moments filled with special meaning.

A farewell...

A time for saying goodbye to old friends, to times you've known;

A time for packing away memories, treasures for tomorrow.

A beginning...

A time to look forward, a time to set new goals, to dream new dreams, to try your wings and see what lies beyond.

We wish you all the best as you continue your journey of education. We know you all will be AMAZING!!

The 5th Grade Team just wants to thank all the parents and students who joined us this incredibly memorable year. Though the classrooms may be empty our hearts are full. This is not in any way how we would have wanted to end the year, but we are so lucky to cherish every moment that we have shared with your children. Sending virtual hugs!!

Smith 5th Grade Team

Thank You!!!

To the amazing group of parents: Melanie Stewart, Lauren Thompson, Angie Shaw, Corey Houchin, Fatima Galano, and Susan Eaton who came together and created a beautiful tribute to this year's Smith 5th Graders: Thank you!! This will mean so much to them and is wonderful keepsake.

Grab your tissue boxes and family members, and find a cozy spot on the couch. Linked below in is the End of Year 5th Grade Slideshow. Enjoy!!

You may also download the slideshow and save it.

Big picture

5th Grade Celebration Parade!!

We know this school year has been quite unexpected and is ending in a way we never imagined, but we can't let the kiddos leave Smith without some kind of celebration! Normally we have a 5th Grade Walk where the entire school applauds all of the 5th graders as they walk the halls of Smith one last time. Instead, this year we will have a drive-by parade to celebrate our 5th graders. On Friday, May 29, at 9:00 am the parade will begin! Please feel free to decorate your cars and make posters! Teachers from your child's past and present will be standing along the parade route to wave one last goodbye and wish all the 5th graders well as they move onto middle school!!

Please click on the "parade route" bar for details.

Below are some district guidelines that you will need to abide by during the parade. Also linked is the parade route that you will follow. We can't wait to see everyone!!

  • Must follow traffic pattern that was shared. Please do NOT stop as we need to keep the traffic flow.

  • Remain in your vehicles at all times.

  • Be mindful of honking (think pompoms, etc.)

  • Please don’t throw any items out to the teachers as there will be no exchange of materials.

  • Please wait for Mrs. Young to start the parade.

Regarding Yearbooks

Dear Parents,

We did not receive yearbooks yet due to Covid-19. Ms. Bui has contacted Lifetouch and they said they would reach out to her about when it will be delivered. Many of Lifetouch's workers/companies have not been in production since the pandemic. Mrs. Young and Ms. Bui have discussed that parents will be able to pick them up in the Fall. We are hopeful that they will deliver the yearbooks to Smith over the summer. 🙁 If you have any questions or concerns please let Ms. Bui know.

Thank you for your understanding!

Ms. Bui

Smith Reads Summer Challenge

Linked below is a letter and interactive slide from Mrs. Pelias. Why is summer reading so important? Well, the numbers don't lie. Students who read during the summer gain an average of 1 month of reading proficiency. Students who don't read lose an average of 2-3 months proficiency and over time, those lost months add up to years.

Annual Student Returning Information

The annual returning student registration snapcode notifications will begin May 18-28 for students enrolled prior to April 17. The primary student contact will receive a unique snapcode via email to complete the registration process online for each student. Parents of students who enroll for the 2019-20 school year after April 17 can expect to receive their invitation emails June 15-23.

Proof of residency information will also be collected electronically for all campuses this year via a separate online form. The link to upload the yearly proof of residency will be available May 12.

Important Dates:

  • May 28: Report cards begin being sent via email
  • May 29: 5th Grade Farewell Parade @9:00 AM