MARCH 2020

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Have you asked your child about their most recent iReady scores? Did your child show growth in any area? Or maybe they made growth in both math and reading!

Students at Amboy Middle School recently wrapped up their second iReady benchmark assessment in both reading and math. We are happy to announce that all grade levels had growth in both reading and math. As shown in the picture below, you can see that students are grouped in three color areas. Green - On or above grade level, Yellow - 1 grade level below, and Red - 2 or more grade levels below.

Our goal is to have 90% of students at or above grade level by the 2022 school year. Your students, as well as the teachers at Amboy, work every day striving to reach that goal. If you would like to know more about your child's growth, please reach out to their homeroom teacher.

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OMSI will be here with their Motion Commotion program on Wednesday, March 18, courtesy of our ASB. This assembly uses ordinary objects to demonstrate the physics at work around us and make it easy to understand. Topics include energy conversions, forces, inertia, and laws of motion.

The assembly for 5th and 6th grade will be from 8:00 to 9:00 AM, and the 7th and 8th grade assembly from 9:10 to 10:10 AM. Come check it out!

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In accordance with Washington State law (RCW 28A.230.070), Battle Ground Public Schools offers instruction in HIV/AIDS prevention to all students in grades 5-12. One requirement of this law is that parents who want to excuse their children from this instruction must preview the curriculum and materials that will be used.

  • Online preview. The opt-out form is linked to this web page. You can review the materials online:
  • Visit your school office. Our middle schools have a copy of the curricula for grades 5-8 in the office for you to review, and staff can direct you to the online opt-out form.

The HIV/AIDS instruction will take place at the end of March. You must excuse your child(ren) every year, even if you have excused them in a previous year. If you would like to opt out your child(ren), please do so by March 13.


As part of the Battle Ground Public School Curriculum, we provide information to 5th grade students about how their body changes and develops as they grow and enter puberty. Teachers and/or school nurses present the information and support videos to students in Human Growth and Development lessons that are taught separately to boys and girls. The lessons will be taught during your student's health class in March.

In these lessons your child will:

  • be presented with accurate and age-appropriate knowledge about his/her growth and development.
  • learn how to develop a positive self-image and/or attitude toward the changes that he/she will experience.
  • hear about why it is important to communicate with parents about puberty.
  • be shown a video titled "Always Changing" (boys will see the boys video and girls will see the girls video). Parents can preview the videos online.

Parents can choose to exclude their children from participating in Human Growth and Development lessons by completing the online opt-out form. Please complete the form prior to March 13.

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Students are currently working on decimals.


Students are reading non-fiction stories that pertain to Black History Month. Later on in February and early March, students will be reading about WWII and the Japanese Interment Camps.


We are currently moving through our Earth Systems unit and are on the geosphere. Coming up next will be the hydrosphere.

Students needs to bring more glue sticks, pencils, and red pens. We are running out of 5th grade supplies even after ordering more. Please have students bring these supplies with them.

Our 5th grade field trip to the Oregon Children's Theatre is coming up on March 6th. A letter for chaperones will be sent home on February 28th. Students who have opted to not go on the field trip will have work and curriculum at school that pertains to WWII and Japanese Interment Camps.

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Students are expected to have a constant supply of pencils, and erasers. Please check in with your child to see if they need to bring anything in.


Need to be here and charged daily. Cases need to be used to help prevent damage.


The math book is available online at Open Up Resources. There are also student and parent resources there and in Google Classroom. Study Island is another great place for students to practice skills that they struggle with.

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Students are studying the European Middle Ages from 800 to 1400. In March we will be looking at Rule, Religion, and Conflicts during this period. We will also be beginning our Catapult projects near the end of the month.


Students in both sections of ELA will be learning essay writing for informational and argumentative purposes. In Literature we will cover elements of drama and fiction, as well as some genre work in Science Fiction.


In science we are finishing up our unit about photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and how the sun is the ultimate source of energy for all living things. Next will be DNA and cell division. Students will have another take-home project - building a model of DNA. Please keep in mind that it is not my intent when assigning projects for parents to have to spend any money. My goal, through the building of models, is for students to learn the structure of DNA. Kids can use paper, candy, wood scraps, cardboard, etc.

Conferences are March 18th and 19th this semester, and we have already started notifying parents of children that we would like to meet with. Please keep checking Skyward for grades, and let us know if you have any questions. You can be even more proactive by asking your child if you can see their agenda, which students should be filling out daily. The agenda shows what we are working on in class daily as well as due dates. Thank you for your support.

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On March 2nd we will be completing forecasting with your child. A form was sent home for you to review and sign. If your child is attending another school within the district (CAM, CASEE, Prairie) we will be able to help, but you are required to fill out special paperwork. Please inform the school counselor or your child's homeroom teacher as soon as possible.


Do you have the time? Our science teachers, Mrs. Snow and Mr. Garner, really need some help taking students to Watershed Congress. Twelve students will participate at the Water Resource Education Center in Vancouver with other students from around the county. These students present live information about Clark County's streams and rivers to community members and peers. They have been working on the data since the beginning of school. The date will be Tuesday, May 19, from 7:45 to 2:15. Please contact Mrs. Snow or Mr. Garner if interested.


We saved the best for the end of the journey: the 8th Grade Recognition Ceremony. On the last day of school, all 8th graders will be part of the best ceremony in the district. The students have started making the decision for this special occasion. This is their ceremony, and they will be doing most of the work, but they will be needing after-hours support from parents with decorating and getting items to school. If you are interested in helping, contact your child's homeroom teacher.

Important Date for 8th Graders:

March 2 from 7:55 to 9:35 - BGHS Forecasting in the Amboy Commons

May 19 from 7:45 to 2:25 - Watershed Congress at the Water Resource Education Center

June 9 from 8:30 to 10:15 - Recognition Ceremony in the Amboy Gym


Please include the following when writing a bus pass:

  • First and last names of both students.
  • Bus number if known.
  • Address if not going home with another student (not just "grandma's house").
  • Please write legibly.
  • Ask your student to PLAN AHEAD!
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In Art class this month, 7th and 8th graders practiced doing artwork with Watercolor Pencils. Here are some of their impressive creations!


The Amboy Middle School Bands start their spring and end-of-year season with the Advanced Band taking a trip to Prairie High School for the Battle Ground District Band Festival on Tuesday, March 3rd. The 8th, 7th, and several 6th grade musicians have been preparing for this annual event since our winter break in December. It's been a lot of hard work, and the combined band has made great progress, hoping to collect good comments from the judges listening that day.

Tuesday, March 10 will be the Band Showcase, a smaller concert featuring soloists and ensembles from all bands. Concert begins at 7 PM in the Commons.

Tuesday, March 17 is the Almost-Spring Concert, also in the Commons, showing off the accomplishments of all of the bands. Included will be the solos and ensembles voted as audience favorites of the Showcase Concert the week before.

Spring Vacation can't come too soon after that, and parade season starts after the break. This year we have three major parades to prepare for: Hazel Dell Parade of Bands, Junior Rose Parade, and Territorial Days Parade.

Exciting times ahead! Come to these performances and support the efforts of these hard working band members as they spread the good news about Amboy far and wide.


Join us at Yacolt Primary on Tuesday, March 3rd, at 4:00 for our monthly PTO meeting. All are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Watch for details about our upcoming Penny War!


Help raise funds for an anti-bullying/kindness program at Amboy Middle School by donating your gently worn, used, and new shoes! Shoes can be sent to school or dropped off at the Yacolt Town Hall, Yacolt Trading Post, or US Bank in Yacolt. The fundraiser runs through April 30th.

Our goal is to gather at least 300 bags in order to purchase a program to help kids understand the negative effects of bullying. We will also bring in a shaved ice machine for their lunches as the school-wide prize for working together and reaching a goal. We have 12 bags so far - only 288 to go!

Please contact Yacolt Amboy PTO President Autumn Murdock at or 360-601-2934 with any questions.


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