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TC Tech Team Newsletter - August 2022

Who is the Tattnall Tech Team?

Lynna Hilliard, Technology Director/CIO

Jodi Graham, Instructional Technology Coach

Wesley Waters, Network Specialist

Bryan Blake, Technology Support Specialist

Starla Barker, Instructional Technology Director

Files Everywhere - Where to save?

There is one thing about educators...we don't get rid of anything including all of our files. After 26 years in the business, my files are insane and the organization of them is even worse. So, what are your options?

  • Google Drive is always a great option because it makes those files available anywhere you have Internet access. You will have to develop your own folder system for organizing them, but this is a great place for most files. Please do not save files on Google Drive that include very specific student data.
  • P Drive - This is connected to your personal drive that is housed on the school's local server. This is a safe place for any student data. The downside to saving here is if the server is not available you do not have access to these files.
  • External hard drive - I personally use this route for files including student data. This is a drive you can purchase that typically connects via USB. Since you are saving to a portable hard drive you can always have your files with you.
  • Computer hard drive - When you save to your hard drive, you have your files with you as long as you have your computer with you. The downside is if your computer crashes, your files are probably gone with it.

So, I know I still have not answered the question, where do you need to save your files? That is a personal preference. Since I have been in the field awhile, I am slowly transitioning to Google Drive. Google Drive is my "go to" because I can easily share files with others and it is available anywhere that has a connection. However, I still have my old files saved to an external hard drive. Whatever you do make sure you save your files in a safe location!

What tools can I use?

We offer a variety of instructional technology tools. Click here for a list of tools available to TC staff and students. The problem is that many times teachers do not know what all is offered, so here is a list of all district licensed items available to support instruction. If at anytime you would like for us to provide training on any of these, just send us an email. We will even be glad to come to your classroom and train one-on-one. Remember, we are here to support you and your students.

Check out Google Lens

If yo have not tried Google Lens, now is the time. Instead of using words to search, you use pictures. See information below for using Google Lens.
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Cleaning Your ViewBoard

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