Things I will do before I Die!

By: Madison Connelly

Ben Wolf

Join the Football Team

Ben wants to join the football team to experience everything he can before he dies. Football will allow him to spend more time with is brother who is the quarterback. It also will allow him to learn new skills. Ben also thinks that going out playing football would be better than dying painfully, while losing his hair. Ben was very accomplished in this sport. Ben made varsity with is brother Cody. With his math skills he could figure out things that nobody else could. He tackled everyone that he was supposed to, not missing one person. Ben and Cody got their team to state.

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Date Dallas Suzuki

Ben had a crush on this one girl, Dallas Suzuki. He couldn't muster the guts to ask her out all those other years of High School but this year he wanted a change. He wants to be able to slow dance with her, spend money on her, and spend all the possible time he can with her. Ben is dying and because of that he goes up to Dallas to talk and ends up having a date. At the date Dallas turns out to be writing about him for the school newspaper. Even though she is writing a paper for the school newspaper she asked Ben to homecoming.

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Learn about the real stuff

Ben is going to die and he want to learn as much things as he can possible learn. Ben believes that the teachers are not really telling them the real stuff. He thinks that they cannot really teach without knowing about it personally. This stuff he is learning is from the laws of probability as outlined in Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. This book he thinks tells him everything. To learn more things about the world he reads the Malcolm X book to learn more about him. He learns that the world is very judgmental. In the end because of his knowledge and determination a street was named after Malcolm X .

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Finish School and Receive Diploma

Ben is dying and he wants to be able to graduate with is fellow classmates. As time goes on he learns that his condition has worsen and that he will not live a full year. Ben knows he will not make it to graduation. He starts to tell others that he is dying. Once the school knows he is dying they want him to present a speech to the class on graduation day if he makes it. Ben does not make it to graduation. He is placed in a hospital bed at home. The school gives Ben his diploma early. For the graduation speech Ben writes it and has his brother Cody give his speech.

Wants to save a life of another

During the process of dying Ben wants to help a friend who is the town drunk, named Rudy. Rudy has very painful secret that haunts him, because of that he has been drinking to take away the pain. Ben want's to help him by being his friend and giving him is vitamin. He is trying to save his life because he knows how precious it is. Ben likes to talk to Rudy about Malcolm X. Rudy his friend can no longer hold his secret in and he tells Ben. Even though Ben knows his secret he does not care, he want to help him. One day Ben really needs to talk to someone, so he goes over to Rudy's place and finds him dead. Rudy left a note for Ben. Even though he could not save Rudy's life he made a difference in Ben's eyes.

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Madison Connelly

I would like to Spend time with my family

If I had a short amount of time to live I would want to spend as much time as I could with my family. My family has always been there for me through everything. I would want to leave them with lots of of memories for them to remember and look through, so they would never forget all the good times we spent together. I wouldn't want them to be sad. I would want my family to continue on with their life and be happy. My family is very Important to me.

I would like to go to a Beach

If I was going to die, I would want to go to the beach with family and friends. I would swim, walk barefoot in the sand, find cool unique rocks, search for sea shell's, fish, tan, build sand castles, play games with a beach-ball and a frisbee, learn how to surf, and anything else possible. Going to the beach would be a great adventure. While doing all this I would be creating new memories that could never be forgotten.

I would like to try something crazy, like skydiving

If I was going to die, I would want to try something different and something crazy. I would want to try something like skydiving. It would be very scary and crazy but totally worth it in the end. It would be a learning experience to jump out of a airplane. "Like how many people can say they jump out of airplane." I would be able to say I had the guts to jump out of an airplane and that would be pretty cool. Plus theres probably a grant view up in that airplane.

Go see a concert held by Kenny Chesney

If I was going to die, I would go see Kenny Chesney in concert. Every since I was a little kid I've loved Kenny Chesney's music. I used to sing in the back of the car "she thinks my tractors sexy." I would listen to his music all the time and because of that my family became very fond of it. She thinks my Tractors Sexy became like the families song. We all would sing it together, not caring if we were bad singers. Going to see Kenny Chesney in concert would be very special to my family and I.

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Swim with the Dolphins

If I was going to die, I would want to go to Hawaii and swim with the Dolphins. I would be able to learn about Dolphins. I could be able to see the environment that they live in and how they get along with people. I could teach my dolphin how to do tricks. I could lean on it and get a ride around the water. Then I would have a new cute friend. This would be a very unique event that I would never forget.

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Go up in a Hot Air Ballon

If I was going to die, I would want to go up into a Hot Air Ballon. I would go up and up un-tell I could see the world. The sight would be amazing. The height that it would be at, would mean I had to have gotten over my fear of heights. Losing the fear of heights would be great. Up high in the Air Ballon, traveling around the sky would be exciting! I would make some great memories.

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Go see the Northern Lights

If I was going to die, I would want to go see the Northern Lights. The glowing lights up in the sky are very unique and cool. It would be really fun and interesting to just lay on a blanket and watch the Northern Lights change and move around in the sky. I also would like to learn more about the Northern Lights and how they work. The Northern Lights would be very beautiful, a sight to be seen. This would be a great memory to share with the family.

Plant a tree with my Mom

If I was going to die, I would plant a tree with my mom. This would make my mom so very happy. We would get mother and daughter bonding time before the end. Once the plant was planted, we would water it every day, so that the plant would continue to grow. This tree would be a symbol of life and how precious it is. My mother and I would than be able to remember the great memories of creating life together and the time we spent together.

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Send a message in a bottle a crossed the Ocean

If I was going to die, I would send a message in a bottle. This message would detail my crazy life before I died. I would not get to know who got to read and tell my story, it would be a mysterious secret. This message would be the last thing that I would do before I died. It would provide reassurance and information for anyone. It would have to keep traveling and traveling around the world un-tell it was not readable. This would be the last message I would give to others. "Live life as if you were going to die tomorrow."

Be able to tell all my Family Goodbye

If I was going to die, I would want to be able to tell all my family goodbye. Some people die before even getting a chance to let all their family know. I want to be given that chance to let them know that I'm dying. I don't want to leave my family without saying my goodbyes. My family means the world to me, leaving them will be the hardest things I've every done. All I can hope for is that they will remember me and will move forward with their life and not dwell on me dying. I hope that my family will be able to smile and laugh again.

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