By:Gage Albrecht

How Tornadoes Occur

Tornadoes occur by a cold front and a warm front colliding. As this happens, the winds blow against each other and blow down. All the winds start to spiral. Then there is a tornado.
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Tornadoe Stregnth

Tornadoes range from F1 - F5. F5 tornadoes are the strongest . They can destroy cities and states in minuets. F1 tornadoes are the weakest. They can only destroy a couple houses.
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Joplin Tornadoe

This Tornadoe was very destructive. It ripped apart Joplin. It was really deadly, and it came out of nowhere.It was an F5. It killed over 100 people. It started out small then, in moments, it was huge. The video below shows it all.
Raw Video: Killer Tornado Rakes Joplin, Mo.