Padden's Purses Team Newsletter!

September 2014

Happy September!

With back to school and fall coming, it is an exciting time of year! It is also exciting because this is our BUSIEST season of the year with the holidays quickly approaching! Only about 90 days left till Christmas!

Make sure to keep your calendars full with booking games and by keeping your connections with your customers and hostesses strong. You can do this by following up with them after they receive their orders AND by offering specials to your hostesses as a thank you for helping your business continue to grow.

We also have EXCITING new things coming up this spring! With Jewell by Thirty-One launching, it will be a GREAT time to reignite interest in your customers with this new line! They will want to get their hands on the product and what better way than through a party of their own!

PLEASE let me know if you would like personal coaching calls! I would love to chat with you about how you can help your business grow!

Important Dates!

-Register by October 18th for a Celebrate and Connect in your area! You will NOT want to miss this one!

-Celebrate and Connect meetings held October 11th-18th.

-Keep a look out for registration for the Spring Product Premiere on November 16th @ 12:30pm. I will be going to the Brooklyn Center location. Register early so you can guarantee yourself a spot before it is full!

Team Stats!

Our Statistics:

My Personal Stats in February:

Personal parties held: 2

Personal recruits: 4

· Welcome Erin Moen, Anna Wilken, Cindy Gilles and Rebecca Carlson!

Personal sales: $1,299

Paycheck: $549.00

It pays to help others build dreams!

My Personal Stats in March:

Personal parties held: 5

Personal recruits: 1

· Welcome Susan Goodman!

Personal sales: $3,476

Paycheck: $1340.47

It pays to help others build dreams!

Team (February):

Number of Team parties held: 15

Team recruits: 7

Team Sales: $7,499

Team (March):

Number of Team parties held: 22

Team recruits: 1

Team Sales: $15,337.50

Team Resources:

Personal Coaching Calls can be held with me to increase your bookings, your sales and adding recruits to your team. Coaching Calls are by appointment only. Simply email me your wish to coach and we’ll set something up.