Heinrich Himmler

By: Molly Quintero

Heinrich Himmler was one of the most powerful men in Germany

Once the nazis came to power in 1933, Himmler became president of police in Munich and head of police in Bavaria. He used his new positions as advantages to make the SS bigger and in 1933 he also set up the first nazi concentration camp. He was really obsessed with racial purity so once World War Two began it gave him the oppurtunity to start the ' elimination of all Jews and other sub-humans.'

Jews are put into camps.

When Germany was invaded, they gave Himmler annexed parts of the country. Over a year later, 300,000 Jews were forced into concentration camps and we're replaced with German settlers. He started the ' final solution' which was to exterminate all Jewish people in Europe and wanted forced labor.

Prisoners in camps

The prisoners in the camps, We're beaten, starved, tortured, and made to work. Sometimes even murdered and put in furnaces or gas chambers. Over 100 prisoners died daily under these brutal situations. Sometimes they would even make the other people watch them die by being hung or whatever it was. The prisoners were usually really skinny and frail. To the point were they looked like skeletons and were still made to work even though they were weak and put in poor positions.
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Heinrich Himmler

He was head of the camp for quite some time but once Himmler started to negotiate with allies, Hitler got furious and stripped him of all his positions and achievements. When he tried to get away after being wanted he was caught and out in prison but on May 23, 1945 he committed suicide in custody.

One of the most feared men.

Heinrich Himmler was one of the most feared men in World War Two. The biggest was Hitler. Himmler had a lot of control in the years he was in charge and tried to make a lot of laws that he thought were right because he believed in racial purity just like all the other Nazis. Thankfully he was stopped before he could take it any further and like everything else, World War Two finally ended.

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