Drilling in Alaska

Drill or Not to Drill

Effects of Oil Drilling

  • Many animals die do to oil leaks and exploding oil rigs.

  • Many of the fossil fuels like oil are non-renewable and they are depleting because nobody is taking care of the situation.

  • Oil, if leaked, can poison the water that we drink.

  • Oil leaks can effect nearby farms and fishing.

Cost for Drilling

  • Off shore drilling for 100 days cost about $100 million.

  • On Shore drilling is cheaper. Its about $1 million to $15 million. That is still A LOT!

  • If there is a explosion, the companies that are paying the money they will have to pay for bills and for the clean up of the oil.

Effect on the Natives

  • No matter were in the artic, it will always affect the Natives that live of the oceans.
  • It will affect the Natives by disrupting the regular migration of sea animals. This affects them because it makes it harder for the Natives to find the fish if they usually hunt.
  • It could affect the water they drink if the oil rigs leak or explode.