by Xavier Levy

Country basics

The name of the country that i'm doing is France. the capital of France is Paris the three colors in The France flag means that the vertical bands of the the blue means that it is hoists-sides.


Europe is the continent and the countries that are surrounded it is Belgium,Germany,Switzerland,Italy and Spain and the major land-forms are the Alps, Jura mountains,Pyrenees and the massif central mountains and the major bodies of water is Mediterranean Sea, Bay of Biscay and The English Channel.
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France has a republic government in Paris.
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Machinery and transportation equipment aircraft,plastics and etc.Machinery and equipment,vehicles,crude oil,aircraft,chemicals
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France are mostly speaking in French. There religions are christian,roman catholic,Muslim,Jewish,Buddhist there food that are used is cheese,wine and bread
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Compare & Contrast

In France they have Republic Government and United States has a Democratic Government. The food that France served is cheese bread and they drink wine and The United States eats American Food And They drink soda and water
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The website that i did was the CIA World Factbook and the last one i used was the USA Today for the food.
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