Rootz Modebelu Private view

EXHIBITION MAY 10th 2013 From 7pm

Rootz Modebelu

Informed by her international exposure and multicultural diversity, Rootz - a mixed raced Nigerian - is an upcoming designer and artist with particular emphasis focused on abstract organic artwork.
Active since 2002 and informed by her regular visits to international terrains (such as Nigeria, etc), her very unique artwork which she has been showcasing and trading via her own label - Vida Rootz Design- transcends racial and cultural barriers.

Artist/Designer Rootz modebelu Private View

An Exhibition is entitled- Spiritual being a lifetime in progression, being taught the lesson kaleidoscope of life.

Rootz - on behalf of Vida Rootz Design - specially invites you on this occasion to her Exclusive Private Viewing entwined with an Afro theme.

The theme provides for Afro fusion Food and music, and an Acoustic Set presence that would feature the talented musician - Sura Susso (Kora) and friends.

This is a unique private view like never before and would feature an after party by invite only.

Exhibitions will run during the Brighton Fringe and Arts Festival throughout the month of May at selected venues including Brighton Arts Club.
For more details Contact Rootz on one of the links above

Rootz Modebelu Private view Fringe Fringe Festival Arts and after party brighton Arts club.

Friday, May 10th, 7-10pm

43 Providence Place


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.


Private View From 7pm

Acoustic set with Sura Susso

After Party exclusive to fans so get liking my page