Open House - Bonus' Added

Come and listen to a brief speech or two

It's New to Us and just who is US?

Teresa has moved from Colby to here much to the enjoyment of Obee School.
Dave is here to go to school and finishing Speech tasks today would be really cool.
We need an audience of six, good thing we have seats enough for that.
Being proud of the house is a fitting place to be, to finish a project and a bit of chit chat.

Open House & College Requirement

Saturday, Nov. 2nd 2013 at 2pm

3306 Northwestern Ave

Hutchinson, KS

House is under new Ownership! Stop by lurk and visit.
Be a part of recorded history, Dave will be offering the entertainment in the form of Informational & Persuasive Speeches as a part of his college requirements we need an audience of 6 please.