Romeo The Brave

By: Maria Venable

Chapter 1

One morning in August, a little bird, named Romeo sat in his empty nest, all alone, hungry, thirsty, but he could not fly. He waited for his mother, but she never came back to feed him. When she would bring home food, it was always big, slimy worms. And he was sick of big slimy worms. He wanted fish, a big juicy fish. So he decided to try and fly to go in search for his mother. He took one step off the nest, flapped his wings, and fell straight down to the ground. “BANG” Romeo looked up. He was no longer in his nest, and he knew that he couldn’t fly back up, because he couldn’t fly. He didn’t want to starve to death, so he wandered over to a small stream, and met a frog. “Hello youngling!” The frog said. “Hi?” Romeo said nervously. “My name is Fletcher, Fletcher the frog....and what might yours be?” Said the frog. “My name is Romeo, I tried to fly to go find my mother, but I can’t fly yet.” Romeo said sadly. Fletcher asked “Do you know where she went?” He asked while flicking his tongue to catch a passing fly “No, but I am going to go and search for her!” Said Romeo with pride. “Okay, have fun! But be careful.” Said fletcher, and he hopped away.

Chapter 2

He carried on to find that he was standing in front of a cat that had been sleeping for hours. “Hello, stranger, can you tell me if you have seen a mother bird fly past this area?” Romeo asked shyly. The cat had been woken up, and she stretched and yawned. “No bub. Just let me go back to sleep.” She said as she plopped right back down to where she was laying before.

Chapter 3

Romeo thought “What is my mother’s favorite place to go?” Then he remembered! The tree! The big wood oak tree. It is where I was born. From then on it has been her favorite place to visit. Romeo runs past the fat sleeping cat and speeds through the fields and finally reaches the Old Oak Tree. “Mother?” He yells, hoping for a response. “Mother, are you in there?” He walks inside the Oak Tree and asks Trina who is the Squirrel sitting at the front desk. “Is Susan Sillings here anywhere?” “Yes, she is room 109 on the 5th floor.” Trina said, as Romeo dashes up the stairs. 90,98,100,105,108, 109!!! He knocked on the door, and saw my mother, watching TV on the Oak tree bed. “Mother? Is that really you?” Romeo asked shockingly. “Romeo?” “Yeah, it’s me mom!” Susan gets up and runs to Romeo. “I missed you so much mom, but why didn’t you come back to the nest?” Asked Romeo. “I couldn’t take care of you Romeo, with you father leaving, I just had to leave the nest for a little while.” “ You were gone for 5 years mom!” Romeo said with irritation “ But everything is going to be alright as long as we have eachother, I love you mom.” “I love you too Romeo.”

Chapter 4

They left the room and walked out of the Oak Wood Tree. “Can you fly yet Romeo?” Susan asked. “I don’t know, I tried, but I fell off the nest.” He said. “Haha, try again, and keep practicing!” She said. Romeo started to gain speed and jumped and flapped his wings. He looked down, he saw his mother, flying up to him. He was flying! “I can fly mom! I can fly now!” He said. “ Good job Romeo, I am really proud of you.” Then they flew home that evening and when they got home, his mother went to look for dinner. She came back with a big fat worm. “Dinner is served!” She said. “Maybe big slimy worms aren’t that bad anymore.”