Gossip, Never Do It! Pass it on.

By: Andrew Kirkpatrick


So you know that time on the bus or at recess when you were talking about that kid. Well, yeah someone heard you and started spreading gossip about that person. You didn't mean to but it happened, now that person feels bad. What if the thing that you said was not true but the other person thought it was and told Everyone. How do you feel now?

OK let me be honest I have done it, but when it was all said and done I felt really bad. That person could now hate you and you didn't mean it, but when you try to tell them that you are sorry they don't believe you. That person could now be made fun of for the rest of their life.

So we should put a stop to this. We are all in this together. once we finish gossip the world will be a lot more peaceful. Lets take it one step at a time. Then 1 of the 2,000,00 ways to make peace will be complete.

Andrew Kirkpatrick