Spiritual Warfare

Faith and culture

Angels and Demons/Satan


-Angels: a messenger
-Created: psalms 148: 2,5 / Like us they worship our creator and our subordinate to him.
-Non - human spirits: Heb 1:4 / while they may take human form, they our spirits - humans do not become angels.
- They are immortal: Luke 20:36 / they do not die nor have a life span.
- They are innumerable: heb 12:22 / there are many many angels.
- They are invisible: numb 22:22-31 / There may be angels all around us.
- They are sexless: matt 22:30 / they may appear as man but there is no reason to be, they do not pro create.
-They do the will of god: psalms 103:20 / they do as god bids - Fight, Protect, Deliver messages, guide and comfort.

Satan & Demons

1. Satan's whole purpose is to distroy: gen 3,4
2. Satan appears to be vary successful, even in the first generations of human history.
3. Humanity is fallen and has a sinful nature. We lean towards sin: James 1:15

1. Demons appear to be fallen angels + therefore have the same traits.
2. Demons have the power to possess: Mark 5:1-4 They are strong: Mark 5:7
3. They are called unclear spirits: Luke 8: 29
4. They seem to have a hierarchy: Matt 12: 24-27
5. They have sacrifices offered to them: 1st Cor 10: 20
6. They will be judged: Matt 8: 29 They can not be redeemed
7. Demons do not appear in scripture untill the new Testament.

sin and sins


- Sin is a disease
- the first man Adam required the desease.
- Through the fruit


- sins are symptoms of the desease
- all men now inhaerit this desease
- inherited through Adam


Helps humans explain the world disasters : we dont have explain natural disasters. assumptions = from our worldview.