Goldilocks and the three pigs

By Nadine

Once upon a time in a dark forest the Big,Bad Wolf was trying to find food to eat for his lunch.After an hour of looking for food he said, “There’s nothing here to eat.”

Then when he was about to give up,he found an apple tree.”Horray!’’ “I’ve finally found something to eat.” But when he got that apple,Goldilocks came and took the apple and said “ha,ha I’ve got your apple!” The wolf said to goldilocks “Give me back my apple!” “No” said Goldilocks.THE WOLF WAS SO ANGRY,HE CHASED Goldilocks, he wanted to eat her. Goldilocks ran away but because she doesn’t have a home so she had nowhere to hide.

Goldilocks was running and trying to find somewhere to hide. She bumped into the Three little pigs house. So she sneaked into the house and hid in the third little pig’s bedroom.

The three little pig’s were shopping while Goldilocks was hiding.When the three little pig’s came back to the house the wolf was hiding in the garden. The third little pig went up to his room to read a book. But all he saw when he went to his room was Goldilocks “Arrrrr.”said the third little pig.

The wolf heard the scream and so did the lumberjack. They both ran to them. The wolf got to them first he decided to eat theme all. But the Lumerjack came and threw wood at the wolf.

Goldilocks and the three little pigs lived happily ever after.