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Signs Your Child Might Need to Change Schools

Traditional schools with larger classrooms and preset whole-class curriculum are sometimes not a good fit for some children. When a school isn’t a good fit, children often give indications of that with their attitude and performance. If your child exhibits any of the following signs, it may be time to look into whether another school could be a better fit.

  • Your Child Isn’t Challenged Enough

Does your child constantly complain of boredom, get assigned busy work every day, or get into trouble for moving around or talking during class? ... If your child consistently finishes assignments before classmates, her current school may not be challenging her enough, and she may benefit from a change in schools.

  • Your Child Refuses to Go to School

If your child continually complains that she hates school, refuses to go to school, or fakes illness, it may be a sign that her school is not a good fit.

  • Your Child’s Needs Are Not Addressed

If your child is lagging behind because his needs are not being met, it’s a clear sign that your child will benefit from a school change.

(article from Learningliftoff.com - a learning resource site. See full article here)


If any of the above signs are visible with your child, and you are looking for an alternative to better educate your child, consider 4Points Academy.

4Points Academy offers a small nurturing environment for your child. We provide individualized attention that better allows your child to blossom academically. At 4Points Academy, our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where we can cater to the needs of each of our students. With our small class sizes, we are able to blend our online curriculum and teacher-led instruction to truly differentiate among our students. In addition to our core academic courses, we also offer Mandarin and Spanish, music, IT/programming, and PE.

To learn more about us, visit our website or give us a call at 512-991-7950. Join us for one of our scheduled Open Houses (click here to register). Or call to schedule a private tour.

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Spotlight on Math & Science Teacher - Mary Palmer

Mary P. is an elementary and middle school teacher with 13+ years teaching experience. Mary holds a BS in Business Administration and a T.E.A.C.H certification. Mary has taught in Leander ISD and Lake Travis ISD, with teaching experience extending from elementary to middle school. She has taught Mathematics, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. In her role at a leading Leander ISD elementary school, she served as team leader and mentor to new teachers. Mary was heavily involved in organizing and leading the school business fair and participated in various committees and after school math/robotics programs. Mary plays the guitar and incorporates music into her classroom - with songs that teach Math and Science concepts.

When asked questions about her experience teaching at 4Points Academy, Mary shared the following thoughts:

"Here ...I get to .. work closely with every student. I know each student's areas of strength and weakness and ... develop unique programs using multiple resources including technology and traditional teaching to optimize the performance of each student..."


"...we're going beyond grade level TEKS because the program is tailored to each students' needs..."


"Because of the small class size, I can create custom learning plans for each student. I can also change and adapt [the learning plan] ..."


"...a lot more labs in science because we're not constrained by large, slow moving classes. On the spot inquiries can be explored"

Click here to see the full content of the interview with Ms. Mary


March Calendar


Open House

Friday, March 23rd, 9:30-11am

5145 Ranch Road 620 North

Austin, TX

Come meet the Directors of the school, tour the facility, and learn more about the vision, goals, and objectives of the school. Also learn about our part-time and flexible options. Ask about our enrollment process and see if you qualify for one of our partial-tuition scholarships.

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4Points Academy

4Points Academy is a private K-8 school which offers small class sizes, personalized instruction, foreign languages, art, music, programming, and much more. Check out the 4Points Academy program here and/or call 512.991.7950.

IQuest is our afterschool program which provides afterschool care, enrichment classes, and tutoring. IQuest also provides summer camps and other special programs for kids in the surrounding neighborhoods of Four Points, Lakeway, & Cedar Park.