Russian Revolution

Investigation B

Women of the war

Women workers in industrial centers rises to over one million as 250,000 women have joined the workforce . Peasant women are also taking on new roles, doing some of their husbands farm work and factory jobs if their husbands have been killed. Women fight directly in the war in small numbers on the front lines, often disguised as men, and thousands more serving as nurses.


Febuary 23, 1917 Few women at factories angry at the food shortage demanded bread to feed their families, over the next few days most of the factories and students have joined. What will czar do.?

Communists take action

workers and managers givien bonouses, punished those who did not meet the goals required. Stalin buit factories and hydro-electric power stations, along with railroads mines and increased steel coal and oil preduction. Because of the high goals products were not of the best quality.

Stalinist`s power

After joining Russian Revolution Stalin was appointed the general secretary of the parties central committee managing to consolidate power following the death of Vladimir Lenin. After ridding the oppositions and expanding the functions of his role he became the unchallenged leader of the Soviet Union. Following the policy of "socialism in one country" he replaced the New Economic Policy that coincided with the imprisonment of millions of people in soviet correctional labor camps and deportation to many other areas leading to the catastrophic soviet famine.