All About Barbados

Beautiful and unspoilt

Background information

Beautiful Barbados is the eastern most Caribbean island. It it home to 286,576 thousand people and much sealife. The major cities are Speihtown and the capital, Bridgetown. Back before Barbado's independence in 1966, it was controlled by The United Kingdom. The British first started a colony on Barbados in 1627. At this time, the slavery was present. Since Bardados had many useful resources, the British thought to use slaves for production and trade. Way after Barbado's independence, slavery in the caribbean was ebolished in 1833.

Political information

Barbados' government type is parliamentary democracy, lead by Owen Arthur. The island is currently on good terms with other countries.

Economic and trade Information

Barbados has a capitalism economic system. The currency is the Barbados dollar. $1 US = $2.02 Barbados dollar. Barbados currently imports consumer goods, machinery, chemicals, and construction materials from the US, UK, and Trinidad and Tobago. They export sugar cane, tobacco, cotton, rum, petroleum, fish and gas to US, UK, and Trinidad and Tobago.
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Tourist information

People should visit Barbados because it's an beautiful, tropical island with lots of activities, music, and history. What makes the island special is the people there. Barbarians are warm and friendly. Tourists have the opportunity to go to historical sites like Sunbury plantation house, George Washington house, and parliament buildings. They also can do activities like go to beaches, submarines, race tracks, and many more.