ELA and Math and more! in Gr 2

March 4, 2016

The first week in March in ELA (reading)...

We are very excited about our new books this week. We're reading about an elderly gentleman who is easily distracted. We'll discuss realistic fiction, adjectives, R-controlled vowels, and strange consonant combinations.

After we read about "Ben's Trumpet", we listened to some spoken word jazz and decided to put some of our poetry to music. Dig the results on the attached doc, cat.

We also read a non-fiction piece about Rain Forest Animals, and Mrs. Doerfler was our substitute while I was the the zoo with the 7/8th grade class on Friday. I got to see some of those animals in action!

I'm looking forward to sharing some specifics about your children in our upcoming conferences!

Here are some of our doppelgängers who played learning fair math games: