nationalization process

by Jesse and Chance

beginning the process

Aliens who want to become US citizens must first sign a statement just that. many aliens who seek citizenship may wait up to 5 years, 3 if your married to a citizen. If they are at least 18 they can seek naturalization in the state of their choice after 3 months.

Interview and Examination

after the paper work is checked the alien has a interview with a USCIS official. Agency officials want to be sure that the aliens meet the necessary requirements and is of good moral character. the applicant must also take a test to qualify

oath of allegiance

if the application is granted the final step in naturalization is attending a ceremony and pledging an oath of allegiance. the alien swears to be loyal to this country above all others to obey the constitution and other laws and to perform military or other duties if needed. then they sign the document, if they have kids under 18 they automatically become citizens too.


The loss of citizenship through fraud or deception during the naturalization process.


The simplest way to lose citizenship is through expatriation, to leave ones country to live in another foreign country.

Punishment for a Crime

a person may lose citizenship when convicted of certain federal crimes that involve extreme disloyalty.

Illegal and legal Aliens

Illegal aliens come to the country illegally, some are refused to immigrate, others are illegal because of a expired visa, another way is they come for a visit and never leave.

Legal: they either have a visa or are a permanent resident, some are refugees and need to escape their country for safety reasons.