Mass Hysteria

By: Danielle Fillmore

Salem Witch Trials

A mass hysteria that happened during the spring of 1692 after a group of young girls in the village Salem, Massachusetts, stated accusing people of being witches. This was a big deal because theses girls would say someone was possessed and the court would believe them which caused the accused to hang, unless they confessed. More then 150 men, women, and children were accused over several months. The public had become to dought that everything this small group of girls said was true. Unfortunately it was too late and many we're hung because of the mass hysteria that spread.

The Red Scare

The red scare began in the late 1940's through the late 1950's. This all began during the time of the cold war with Russian which wasn't a combat war, but a war against communism. It is call the Red scare because communist were referred to as "Reds". Many federal employees were analyzed to see if they were really loyal to the government of the U.S.. There was lots of fear that someone was a red in the U.S. which started hysteria because people would talk and accuse others on barley any information.


There are many simalrities between the Red Scare and the Salem Witch Trials. Both had mass hysteria in the form of fear. Everyone was scared that there neighbor might be a witch or a red. Also both would be suspected on little to know evidence, it could just be a change in someones behavior or a bad rumor. A difference between the two though is witch craft in Salem only lasted a couple of months were as the Red Scare lasted almost a decade. Both acted out of fear because they were dealing with the unknown. Now looking back you can tell that this hysteria was mainly based off of rumors and people believing a big crowd with little evidence.