TEAMTRI Call | Wednesday October 30, 2019

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Danielle-We had several students go and testify to the Washington Board of Education about the pathways of CTSO’s. They also had a great photo op with the state superintendent. Look for it on Yammar!

Becky-She was able to go and train stateside last week and she really enjoyed being with students again! It was great to see how much training has improved, and the new things that they are doing to keep students engaged.


Calendar is now online! You can log into the protected map on our TEAMTRI website and view each event for the upcoming two weeks!


Password: bTEAM2019!

TRI This

Melissa Cherry-FETCH Rewards. All you need to do is scan your grocery receipt and you will earn points.

Sean shared from MOMCAST-Amazon allows with PRIME free grocery delivery. It does not include same delivery, and not in all markets yet.

Ed-App Hopper-it will cross check layovers and see if you can save money by booking another flight

Erica-Flight Flap-$10 on Amazon. It is a phone and tablet holder. Erica loves it.

Sean-App called Megaphone-you can plug it in with your normal cable.

Ryan-magazine subscriptions can now be downloaded on your phone through an app

App Skim-it is a quick overview of what is going on in the news.

Morning View is also a newsletter that breaks down the business news of the day.

App-Astound. Supposed to help you with public speaking-projection, tone, etc.

Ryan has new blue light protection glasses. Long periods of time staring at the screen will mess with your hormones and melatonin levels. The blue light glasses will help with these.

First Five


ryan introduced us to a new tool! ForeU. If you are out golfing, and the ball goes crazy, you yell Fore and you duck. If you are for others, we need to be able to make those aware of things that are coming. I am for you, and because I am for you, I want to be able to share something with you that will help you. If I am not for you, I am for myself.

Team Resources

Open enrollment is coming! Materials will be sent out next week and the enrollment period will be October 14th through November 1st. The medical plans are not changing, Dental is with Delta Dental. Look for an email from Colleen with all of the information.

Vision will be an option this year!

This is Hope Randall's first TEAM Call! Welcome Hope! She is working in the financial services department. She will take on as a financial services accountant.

AMEX Requests (higher limits) can ONLY come from Danielle, Brycen, Mike, Scott, Joanne, Ryan or Carrie.

New AMEX card requests need to come through your champion

Colleen will not be in the office next week, so there will be a delayed response to emails.

Virtual Ecosystem:

Chris-In the scripting world-taking advantage of Microsoft Word. Started using references, paragraph styles, and table of contents. Building out the Table of Contents in Word.

Leadership Studio

Create shout out to all of those diving into the new roll out for account leads or staffing changes. Thank you for the patience, and all of the clarity you are bringing to the process.

Executive Updates

If you are using our Bitly account for inks, please be sure to add a description.

The new role out on the help team form. We are getting great feedback on how to continue to improve the next form. We will be visiting each division to see how we can use the help team form more effectively in your division

Sales and Marketing Update

  • Sales Success Update

    · Cybis MOU for scripting and staging - signed!

    · CA PBL SFBLC - agreement sent

    · Nettleton FCCLA (Arkansas) website - inquiry

    · SNOW College PBL Training - inquiry

    · New York DECA CTSO incentive grant approved - confirmed for TRI

    · Arubah Community Clinic Marketing for rest of 2019 - proposal submitted

    · PHW design/marketing for rest of 2019 - proposal submitted

    · Tennessee FBLA SLC 2020 scripting - agreement sent

    · Jessie Funk - AL JLDC keynote footage

    · Colorado FBLA District 8 Conference -inquiry

    · Georgia HOSA 2019-20 services - agreement signed (non finance)

    · WA FCCLA SLC 2020-agreement in development

    · Alabama computer science initiative/layout-possibility

Team Collaborations

Go to to book an appointment with Chris to get IT help! are great articles to read. If you are not a writer and have a message to share-we have created great templates that will help to with the process. You can also share the ink on your personal social media page to help gain more exposure.

Good Job Shout-Outs

Jamie-All the Values for Chris T. All the events, he listens and learns and has given them an opportunity to grow

Cody-LEARN-Kim. He has been training Kim on SnailChimp. She has been working hard and learning.

Carrie-LEARN,LOVE,COMMIT-Hope. She is so willing to learn, soak everything up, and then go and do. She is doing a great job and bringing such Hope to the team.

Angela She is amazed because everything that she is involved in, she has such high expectations, and she is committed to doing the very best. #LOL - Danielle

Sean- He does his work so well, and is still always willing to stop and ask about the kids. #love - Danielle

SCOTT M-He is doing such a great job, and is on a listening tour, and working hard #listen - Danielle

Ed - He is the one in the background doing the things. #commit - Chris

Carrie - she has been dealing with all kinds of computer issues, and she has been patient #learn #commit - Chris

Scott C - He is staying committed to learning and moving the team forward #learn #commit - Chris

David - Taking ownership of the scripting world #commit - Chris

Media Team -It is always great to see the many things that they do so well, and they always stay positive in their tasks, with great attitudes. #LOL - Chris

Cody-David-LEARN They started a new project, starting new marketing messages for the associations, and doing story branding from multiple perspectives.

Paige Pulford-Committ-She has been reviewing the story branding.

Weeks Ahead

Password: bTEAM2019!


Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 1pm

This is an online event.


Phone: +1 415-762-9988 | Meeting ID: 182-887-538

Call ended at 3:10pm CST