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Our law firm offers opportunities for everyone to receive the best law advice in town! Here are some of the resources we offer.

Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant looking for a lawyer, our lawyers give the best advice for whatever needs you may have. If you are someone filing a lawsuit, one of our great plaintiff lawyers, or attorneys, will take care of you. They will help you organize your complaint- the notice that a lawsuit is being brought to court. If you are the one being sued, one of our defendant lawyers will help you disprove the charges put against you. We have a great team, and we look forward to being an aid to you and your situation.

What Happens During a Trial?

During a trial, many different things will happen. Some of them that may occur include:
  • mediation- a third party will help the plaintiff and the defendant reach an agreement
  • arbitration- a third party will listen to the plaintiff and the defendant, receive the case and then make a final decision that is binding for both parties
  • preponderance of evidence- the plaintiff must prove the facts and claims that are asserted in their complaint
  • verdict- the final decision, made either by the judge or jurors
  • appeal- this is available if either the defendant or plaintiff does not agree with the final decision; they are able to bring the case to a higher court if they wish.

Now, all of these situations may not occur during YOUR trial, but there will always be a verdict. With the help of our lawyers, the verdict will always be in your favor!

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